Top Laser Weapons in Starfield: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore a comprehensively detailed guide of the top laser weapons in Bethesda’s Starfield game. …

A Glance into the World of Sci-Fi Weaponry: Laser Weapons in Starfield

Laser weapons have long been a staple feature in numerous sci-fi video games, and nothing has changed with the release of Bethesda's sensational game, Starfield. Designed to provide an unrivaled gaming experience of discovery and adventure, Starfield has magnified the science fiction genre, setting a distinctly high bar for future games. Starfield's laser weapons are at the core of this genre elevation – elegant, precise, and devastatingly powerful tools for your gaming arsenal.

The Significant Role of Laser Weapons in Starfield

The role of weaponry in Starfield cannot be overstated. Laser weapons provide concentrated damage to adversaries using an energetic beam that can melt through foes in a blink. This clear dominance and efficiency have placed them at the forefront of the battlefield, giving players distinct tactical advantages. Starfield is packed with various thrilling and captivating laser weapons, but let's delve deep into the top 5 grass-roots laser weapons that have proven to be fan favorites.

Starfield's Top Laser Weapons: A Detailed Breakdown

  • Solstice Versatile Laser Pistol: Claiming the spot for the fifth-best laser weapon in Starfield is the balanced and all-purpose Combatech Solstice. A shining beacon of laser weaponry, the Solstice possesses a 16-round magazine and a damage level of 10 per shot at a 73% accuracy rating. Furthermore, it boasts a 24-meter reach, enabling you to engage enemies close and far. To achieve this formidable laser pistol, players must undertake several debt collection missions in New Atlantis' Gal Bank and repay the overdue debts of rogue mercenaries.
  • Ember – A Blend of Potency and Aesthetics: With its eye-catching orange hue, the Ember is an impressive variant of the Solstice laser pistol that delivers powerful 12-damage shots. Its remarkable attributes, like a 25-fire rate and 16-round bursts, make it ideal for both pistol or melee gameplay styles. This weapon is a reward for successfully eliminating a bounty hunter during the Ryujin quest line.
  • Equinox – The Squad Suppressor: Hailing from the Varuun forces, the Equinox laser rifle specializes in crowd control at a long range. While the damage impact is moderate at 13 per shot, this is compensated with a swift 50 fire rate. Located in the Kreet Research Lab during the 'Into the Unknown' mission, the Equinox can also be found in weapon caches that commonly house 3 kV laser ammunition.
  • Orion – The Workhorse: The rugged and reliable Orion laser rifle spews 27 damaged laser beams from a stable 35-round magazine at 77% accuracy. Lacking a quest or character binding, this weapon can be found indiscriminately across the Settled Systems, enhancing the intrigue and excitement of exploration. With variant availability that progresses, the Orion is a must-have in your arsenal.


The infusion of laser weapons into the gameplay significantly enhances Starfield's sci-fi environment. Their scintillating features and the strategic advantage they offer on the battlefield make laser weapons a crucial part, adding to Starfield's exciting journey of discovery and adventure across the stars.