Overcoming the ‘Different Game Version’ Bug in Helldivers 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you exasperated with the “different game version” bug while inviting friends in Helldivers 2? …


  • Bug Overview: 🐛 "Different Game Version" bug in Helldivers 2 is causing frustration when inviting friends.

  • Standard Issue: 🎮 Notable problem since the game's launch affecting many players.

  • Error Cause: ⚙️ Typically caused by using an outdated version of Helldivers 2, often hitting idle players.

  • Fix: 🛠️ Update and restart the game to ensure the latest version.

  • PS5 Fix Steps:

    • Finish and exit the game.
    • Press Options and select Check for Updates on the Helldivers 2 icon.
  • Steam (PC) Fix Steps:

    • Finish and exit the game.
    • Right-click Helldivers 2 in the Steam library and select Verify the integrity of game files.
  • Crossplay Errors: 🔀 Some face the bug during Crossplay between PS5 and PC.

  • Crossplay Workaround:

    • Activate Crossplay in Helldivers 2 Options.
    • Start a mission on PC or PS5.
    • Invite the other player after initiating the game.
  • Anticipated Updates: 🔄 Arrowhead Studios updates are expected to resolve glitches for a smoother gaming experience.

  • Temporary Solutions: 📚 Until updates arrive, provided solutions should help players navigate the Helldivers 2 bug.

Resolving the "Different Game Version" Bug in Helldivers 2

If you've been grappling with the frustrating "different game version" bug when inviting friends to your lobby in Helldivers 2, know that you're not alone. It has been a notable issue marring the gaming experience for many since the game's launch. Let's take a journey through how to tackle this problem decisively.

Understanding the "Different Game Version" Error

If you've been actively engaged in the world of Helldivers 2 since its release, you would have undoubtedly stumbled onto a range of server issues, including, but not limited to, disruptive loading screen problems and a black screen right on launch. However, the most nettling among these is the dreaded "different game version" error that impedes players from inviting friends to their lobby. Fortunately, this glitch can be resolved, but first, it's essential to understand its causes.

Typically, the different game version error is a product of an outdated version of Hellidivers 2 in use. It frequently hits players who stay idle in-game to sidestep the queues. The simple fix is to update and restart the game, ensuring you're operating the latest version.

Fixing the "Different Game Version" Error in Helldivers 2: Step-by-Step

For PS5

For Steam on PC

  • Finish and exit the ongoing game.
  • Right-click on Helldivers 2 in your Steam library, then select Verify the integrity of game files. This step ensures your files are updated and intact.

Overcoming Crossplay Errors

Aside from the standard version error, some players have reported encountering this glitch while attempting Crossplay between PS5 and PC. To effectively engage with players on other platforms, Crossplay must be activated. If the error continues to pop up, here's a potential workaround:

  • First, ensure Crossplay is activated in the Options menu of Helldivers 2.
  • Next, start a mission in the game on either PC or PS5.
  • Finally, invite the other player to join you after initiating the game.

We anticipate that ongoing updates from Arrowhead Studios should eventually erase these glitches, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. However, until then, these solutions should come in handy. For further assistance with your Helldivers 2 journey, our comprehensive Guide Hub is packed with helpful guides like this one.