How Many Houses Can You Buy?: Housing Options in Starfield Universe

Learn how to own and manage your personal properties in Starfield, the latest RPG game. …

You have an incredible opportunity in the seemingly infinite expanse of the Starfield universe, one of the latest RPG games offering both compelling cosmic exploration and exciting combat gameplay. This isn't just about exploring galaxies and colonizing far-off planets; it's also about owning your piece of the cosmos. While the thrill of the unknown certainly has its allure, the tranquility and comfort of the home offer different satisfaction. Nestled up with a cup of coffee in your backyard, contemplating the beauty of the Andromeda galaxy, life in Starfield can also be about quiet moments and personal reflection. However, these moments prompt an essential question: how does one get a house in Starfield?

Home Ownership in Starfield: More Than a Spaceship

As a galactic adventurer, you're likely to explore every nook and cranny of the cosmos. But even in space, there's no place like home. A lovely, cozy haven to store and display your various adventurous achievements could be just what you need. Naturally, these residences can range from luxuriously grand to modestly comfortable, catering to your desires and affordability. Here, we offer a rough guide to what is available.

The Available Housing Options in Starfield

You will be delighted to know there are up to eight houses you can call home in Starfield, each unique. Notably, having the Kid Stuff trait provides a significant advantage – a free apartment that once belonged to your in-game parents. Another six properties can be purchased, while the remaining can be obtained as a reward for completing a quest. Here's a sneak peek of these houses and their respective prices:

  • The Wells Apartment in New Atlantis: 30,000 Credits
  • The Sky Suite in Neon: 235,000 Credits
  • Sleepcrate in Neon: 6,500 Credits
  • Dream Home in Nesoi: 125,000 Credits
  • Core Manor in Akila City: 78,000 Credits
  • Stretch Apartment in Akila City: 45,000 Credits
  • Parents House in New Atlantis Pioneer Tower (Free!)
  • New Atlantis Penthouse (Free, upon completing United Colonies Faction Storyline)

Each property offers exclusive features and environments, enhancing your player experience.

Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of New Atlantis or the laid-back ambiance of Akila City, Starfield puts the power of choice in your hands.

Exploring the Realities of Gaming: Beyond Starfield

While Starfield offers an expansive universe to explore, the gaming world isn't limited to the confines of the cosmos. Other games like 'Ark: Survival Ascended' provide unique gameplay experiences, challenges, and rewards. Whether you are looking to find and tame a Basilosaurus, Giganotosaurus, or Therizinosaur in 'Ark: Survival Ascended,' or you're eager to unlock new game Plus (NG+) features in 'Persona 5 Tactica', there's a gaming adventure waiting for you.

Being a part of such an expansive universe like Starfield is an incredible experience, giving players a taste of the extraordinary. Starfield caters to each player's craving for adventure and stability, from winning battles to owning property.

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