Diablo Immortal: An In-depth Guide to Skill Stones and Charms

An informative and comprehensive guide to understanding what Skill Stones and Charms are in Diablo Immortal and how to obtain and leverage them for boosting your gameplay.

In the heart of Diablo Immortal, there is a wide array of diverse currencies, valuable gems, and consumable items, each with unique purposes: to boost your character's strength or purchase something that achieves the same objective. Integral to this mechanic are the Skill Stones. Here's the lowdown on Skill Stones and their various ranks.

Understanding Skill Stones in Diablo Immortal

Skill Stones are a unique item type you can acquire by leveling a Charm to Rank five and extracting it. Each extraction operation will cost you 500 platinum. This process creates a stone that carries five different skills. You can then use these stones to intentionally imbue Charms with one of the contained skills. But hold the horses; the skill your charm becomes infused with is determined randomly.

You must visit Vas [Charm Craftsman] at Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch for this process. The craftsman is located towards the southwestern segment of the merchant area near the identifier NPC. You can upgrade, salvage, and imbue your charms at Vas.

The good news is that none of your needed resources are exclusively available as premium resources. Platinum is the primary currency, being free and paid. You can obtain it steadily by selling items on the Market, earning rewards via Battle Points, wrapping up daily tasks, or instantly getting it by spending real currency.

Customer Beware RNG involved.

Granted that there is an 80% probability of not scoring what you desire when using a stone, you might feel your resources are getting squandered. However, if you end up with stones you don't need, you can always sell them on the Market. This way, you can recover from your losses, but selling high-quality rocks will likely yield a handsome profit.

Charms: Boost your Skills

Charms are unique items that can be equipped when you reach Level 56. These charms can raise your class skill damage anywhere between 2% to 10%. They work passively; for example, one might possess a charm that bolsters a Monk Seven-Sided Strike damage by 6%. The percentage increase is dependent on RNG. You can upgrade your charms with Vas, starting with 20 Alchemical Powder, acquired by salvaging Simple Charms. Here are the charm rankings:

  • Rank 1: Simple Charm
  • Rank 2: Wild Charm
  • Rank 3: Refined Charm
  • Rank 4: Ornate Charm
  • Rank 5: Grand Charm

Discovering Charms in Diablo Immortal

While it is rare, Charms can be your reward for completing bounties. The majority can be obtained from the Hilts Trader in the northeastern Westmarch region. Make sure to monitor the in-game notice for when they restock. Each charm can be bought for 100 Hilts, offering three weekly purchases from the main tab and one from the Limited Time section of the trader's shop.

To conclude, Maximizing the use of Skill Stones and Charms can help you gain a significant advantage in your Diablo Immortal journey. If you seek more guides and information regarding Diablo Immortal, we have numerous other articles just for you.