Maximize Lumbering with the Best Pals in Palworld

Optimizing lumbering efforts on Palworld can be a cinch with the right Pals at your disposal. …

Mastering Lumbering in Palworld with the Best Pals

In Palworld, your objectives extend beyond mere Pal-catching. Building bases form a significant chunk of the gameplay, and most of these structures use wood as their core material. One of the most efficient ways to acquire wood is by establishing a Logging Site and assigning your Pals to cut down the trees. However, not every Pal is a lumber master. Here are our recommendations for the best Pals for Lumbering game in the early and later stages.

Understanding Lumbering Work Suitability in Palworld

Each Pal boasts different capabilities when it comes to Lumbering. The effectiveness of their woodcutting abilities is defined by their Lumbering work suitability, which ranges across three levels. Lumbering experts with higher levels can complete their logging duties in record time. However, it's important to note that not all elite Lumbering Pals are available from the game's outset.

Top Early Game Pals For Lumbering in Palworld

At the start of the game, supreme Lumbering Pals might be out of reach. Therefore, you must rely on low-level Pals with average proficiency in this field. Common Pals that can be found at the early game and efficiently help with Lumbering tasks include Tanzee and Lifmunk. Due to their easier accessibility and moderate work proficiency, these Pals make great early-stage additions to your logging team. Tanzee, in particular, is an excellent choice due to its diverse work suitability.

Best Pals for Lumbering in the Late Game

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock access to high-level Lumbering Pals. The standout choices for Lumbering at later stages include Bushi, Wumpo, Wumpo Botan, and Warsect. However, both Wumpo variants require significant food intake, which might be challenging to manage. Bushi is the perfect option, possessing Level 3 Lumbering and a minimal food requirement. Alternatively, Warsect, another Level 3 Lumbering Pal, is an excellent choice too.

Pals Excelling in Lumbering Work: Comprehensive List

A multitude of Pals in Palworld adapt well to Lumbering. Here is a detailed list of them alongside their respective Lumbering Levels.

  • Level 1: Lifmunk, Tanzee, Arsox, Cawgnito, Robinquill, Robinquill Terra, Beegarde, Elizabee, Univolt, Pyrin, Pyrin Noct.
  • Level 2: Mossanda, Mossanda Lux, Eikthyrdeer, Eikthyrdeer Tera, Gorirat, Reindrix, Dinossom, Dinossom Lux, Verdash, Elphidran, Cryolinx, Blazehowl, Blazehowl Noct, Mammorest, Mammorest Cryst, Fenglope, Menasting, Grizzbolt, Paladius, Necromus.
  • Level 3: Bushi, Wumpo, Wumpo Botan, Warsect.

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