How To Get Major Order Rewards In Helldivers 2: Community Quests & Snagging Rewards

The article explores the multiplayer mode of Helldivers 2 engaging community quests that yields numerous rewards. …


  • 🎮 Helldivers 2, a popular cooperative shooter game, offers multiplayer community quests with various rewards.
  • 🎖️ The Major Order mission tasks players with defending the planetary systems of Heeth and Angels Venture, with successful missions rewarded with 45 medals.
  • 🌍 These two planets' 100% safety threshold needs to be maintained before the order expires to ensure mission success.
  • 😰 If players face issues with not receiving rewards after mission completion, restarting the game might help.
  • 🔧 Known issues of not receiving Major Order rewards are under attention, and a solution from the game's developers is expected soon.

Maximizing Benefits From Community Quests in Helldivers 2

If you're a fan of cooperative shooter games, Helldivers 2's multiplayer aspect is a feature you're undoubtedly enjoying. One of the most enticing parts of this feature is the game's community quests, which come loaded with many rewards.

Currently, a mission enjoying massive popularity and should undoubtedly be on your radar is the Major Order. In this mission, you're tasked with defending two planetary systems, Heeth and Angels Venture, which endows you with medals when you are successful.

Securing Major Order Rewards in Helldivers 2

Lighting up the Major Order Rewards requires protecting two Super Earth planets, Heeth and Angels Venture.

Ensuring both planets are at a 100% safety threshold when the order winds up is vital for mission accomplishment.

If the planetary protection mission is successful, a whopping 45 medals will accompany your in-game efforts. This bounty is automatically added to your player account upon mission completion. However, there always can be minor hurdles.

Overcoming Challenges in Reward Acquisition

If the order has already expired and you haven't received your reward, a quick solution would be to restart Helldivers 2. This can help the game register your quest completion. In case this doesn't unlock your reward, our further discussions on '[Helldivers 2—Major Order Not Progressing](#)' should be your next stop.

This issue of not receiving Major Order rewards has not been a solitary affliction. The good news from the developer circles is that the problem is known, and a fix is underway.

According to a statement released by the game's development team on its official Discord server, all Helldivers will soon get the medals they have earned, and the issue is being actively resolved. So, if you're among the gamers who haven't received the Major Order rewards, don't fret—a fix is on the horizon.

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