Mastering Starfield: Best Ship Weapons Tier List

A comprehensive guide covering the best ship weapons in Starfield. …

Understanding Starfield's Weapon Variety

It's an exciting universe in Starfield, and there is no shortage of ship weapons to utilize as you traverse the cosmos. Our guide delves into the ins and outs of over 100 weapon modules you can equip on your spacecraft to cause chaos to your enemies' ships. Some ship weapons come with a hefty price tag, typically suited for C-class ships. However, if you're a pilot of A or B-class ships, the prices won't dent your virtual wallet as significantly.

The Best Ship Weapons in Starfield

We have compiled a definitive tier list to help you embark on effective warfare in outer space. Learn about the most potent ship weapons for all classes of vessels in the Starfield universe, from beam particle weapons to electromagnetic armament.

S-Tier Weapons: Beam Particle Weapons & Missile Launchers

  • Beam Particle Weapons: When it comes to S-tier ship weapons, beam particle weapons undoubtedly dominate the scene. These weapons merge the rapid-fire rate of turrets with the varied damage capacity of missile launchers. The PB-300 Alpha Beam, explicitly designed for C-class ships, is awarded the most effective beam particle weapon thanks to its high damage. Nevertheless, A and B-class ships can also house mighty weapons like Disruptor Beam models and Vanguard Obliterator autoprojectors.
  • Missile Launchers: Missile launchers might seem overkill against smaller ships, but when you cross paths with another behemoth C-class spacecraft, you'll be thankful for these heavy-duty weapons. The ATLATL Missile Launcher series is a top choice, serving immense damage to hulls and shields and offering the most extended range of ship weapons. Despite their costliness, budget alternatives are available, like the ATLATL 270. However, shelling out for pricier models like the ATLATL 280 and 290 could pay off in the long run.

A-Tier Weapons: Ballistic Weapons & Turrets

  • Ballistic Weapons: For the need for speedy fire rates, MKE ballistic weapons come to the rescue. These weapons pack a punch in manual and automatic models but be aware their availability is exclusive to C-class ships.
  • Turrets: If you prefer a hands-off approach to interstellar warfare, turrets, the fully automated weapons, could be your cup of tea. While their firepower doesn't match manually controlled weapons, there are exceptions like the Marauder 115N Railgun Turret that doles out a substantial 80 points of damage to a ship's hull.

B-Tier Weapons: Electro Magnetic and Laser Weapons

  • Electro Magnetic Weapons: Your arsenal isn't complete without weapons to hinder the enemy ship's engines, and gravity drive once their shields are obliterated. EM weapons like the Fulminator 8000 Suppressor and EMP-1000 Suppressor excel at this immensely. A-class and B-class ship variants, namely The Nullifier 1750 Suppressor and the Firebolt 4000 Suppressor, are also available.
  • Laser Weapons: Laser cannons, despite their tendency to overheat, are the best choice for special missions focused on enemy shield destruction. The Dragon 261 SX Laser Turret, Torch 250MW UV Laser, and Singe 4MW Laser for C, B, and A-class ships are standout models.

Conquering the Cosmos in Style

With our tier list of the best ship weapons in Starfield at your disposal, you're set to conquer the in-game universe with tactical prowess. Make sure to stay tuned for more helpful insights on Bethesda space RPG!

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