Exploring Starfield: Should You Free the Alien Zoo Creatures on the Scow

This article discusses the divergent outcomes in Starfield when choosing to free or not free the alien beasts housed in a location called the Zoo. …

Discovering the Scow's Alien Zoo in Starfield

In the sweeping star map of Starfield, unearthing the Scow's avenues to acquire the Artifact quickly becomes a fascinating challenge. One such route involves liberating extraterrestrial critters confined within a segment known as the Zoo. A hotbed for ferocious creatures, the Zoo allows players to unlock animal cages at miscellaneous phases of their Scow exploration.

The critical question is, should you spring the Scow's alien Zoo denizens in Starfield? This article outlines the likely repercussions of your decision.

The Unpredictable Zoo Creatures and Your Journey

The lower reaches of the Scow reveal the Zoo, a haven for insects of enormous proportions – think giant crickets, spiders, and beetles. If you're strategizing to minimize enemy encounters during a mission like 'No Sudden Moves,' instinct might suggest deploying some backup. Unleashing these creatures is a viable method to eliminate opposition while you remain safely distant.

The chaos engulfing the Scow following the beast's release could be the perfect diversion, facilitating your stealth past security undetected. Post-release, these creatures terrorize the ship's crew, lending you an advantage, especially post-Artifact acquisition.

While masterminding this chaos, caution is paramount.

After unsealing the enclosures, prioritize vacating the area or conceal yourself to avoid the creatures' fury targeted towards you and the crew. The animals are indiscriminate with their aggression post-liberation.

Pondering the Zoo Option: Pros and Cons

There are two critical deterrents to Zoo exploration. First, reaching the Zoo could be a considerable detour and may quickly go unnoticed. The other potential obstacle is the likelihood of confronting the animals post-release.

The Domino Effect of Your Decisions

Whatever your route, SSNN reports you end up pronouncing Petrov a poacher based on the evidence collected on the Scow post-event. Whether sourced from carcasses or the surviving beasts lounging in their enclosures, the stain on Petrov's repute persists. The Zoo quest thus plays a critical role in shaping Petrov's character.

In my gameplay, I refrained from releasing the creatures, a decision I now regret. The extra chaos would've been advantageous, offering a wider field of enemies and possibly harvesting animal parts.

Starfield is filled with alternating quest decision trees. For guidance on many other quests, refer to our comprehensive guide vault. Now, venturing into the 'Zoo' and freeing its inmates rests with you. Enjoy the stars, and make your game count!