Mastering the Field of View Settings in Starfield: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding and mastering Starfield’s Field of View (FOV) settings can significantly enhance gameplay. …

Since the introduction of a Field of View (FOV) slider in Starfield, the gaming world has been abuzz. Now, Xbox and PC players can significantly enhance their gaming experience by increasing the amount they can see in-game. Before the October 9 patch, Xbox players were limited to a default 85-degree field of view. On the other hand, PC players could adjust their FOV on Starfield, but only via user-generated modifications or by altering the game files. Now, though, all players can access it through the accessibility menu. Let us dive into how to adjust the FOV settings in Starfield.

Adjusting FOV in Starfield for Optimal Gameplay Experience

To change your FOV in Starfield, follow the instructions detailed below:

  1. Navigate to the in-game System menu.
  2. Access the Settings menu.
  3. From Settings, find and open the Accessibility menu.
  4. Here, you can control the First Person FOV and Third Person FOV sliders according to your preference.
  5. Close all menus to save any changes you have made to your FOV.

Experience the Impact of Adjusted FOV

The default FOV of 85 in the first person can be quite stifling if you're gaming at a desk close to your monitor. Increasing the FOV proves beneficial in these instances. I've adjusted mine to 100 degrees, which provides more comfortable gameplay.

The default FOV for the third person begins at a minimum of 70 degrees. Both first and third-person FOV can be enhanced to 110, considerably broadening your visual field.

Display Comparisons in FOV

However, adjusting your FOV can have implications on the game's performance. For instance, gameplay on my Xbox Series X felt slightly sluggish while exploring Jemison at the maximum FOV of 110. It was noticeably smoother when the FOV was set to the minimum of 70. Xbox players should note, however, that reducing your FOV below the default level doesn't amplify the framerate above 30FPS since Starfield locks it at that rate.

Remember that higher FOV angles result in your weapons occupying less space on your screen, which may disorient aiming, particularly if you're positioned relatively far from the screen.

Customizing FOV Beyond the Current Limit

Are you keen on customizing the FOV beyond 110 degrees? To accomplish this, a mod with such an enhancement is necessary. Renowned Starfield mods on NexusMods provide such modifications. Following the provided instructions on the page, you should be able to install it. Adjusting the FOV by manually altering game files is an option, though using a mod serves the same purpose with less effort.

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