How to get the Skull and Bones Crowbar: The Essential Guide

This article shares a comprehensive guide on how to obtain and efficiently utilize the Skull and Bones Crowbar in the exciting game world of Skull and Bones, a tool necessary for unraveling treasures from shipwrecks.

Unlocking the Skull and Bones Crowbar: An Essential Tool in the Gaming Voyage

In the intricate world of Skull and Bones, the Skull and Bones Crowbar is an indispensable tool for the ambitious captain. This tool is your key to unlocking shipwrecks, letting you salvage hidden treasures and vital supplies. However, this tool isn't simply handed to you. You need to accomplish essential tasks before you get your hands on it. Let me guide you through the entire process.

Steps to Acquire the Crowbar in Skull and Bones

To earn the coveted Crowbar, you must complete a specific contract, the 'A Pirate's Deal.' This contract is extended by the Pirate Chief Officer, who can be found on the West Island in the game's starting zone. The mission mandates you to sail towards the north of the Exeter shipwreck and procure Scurlock's contraband. Simply approach the floating crates in the disruptive waters and follow the Loot Bundle prompts to acquire the Opulent Rum and Explosive Firearms.

  • Complete the Pirate's Deal Contract
  • Sail north of Exeter shipwreck.
  • Acquire the Opulent Rum and Explosive Firearms by following the Loot Bundle prompts.

Once you successfully acquire these commodities, return to the Pirate Chief Officer to finish the contract and receive your Crowbar and a few valuable repair kits that can be utilized to mend your ship's hull.

Mastering the Art of utilizing the Skull and Bones Crowbar

After obtaining the Crowbar, knowing how to use this tool effectively is vital. The good news is that the game automatically equips the Crowbar when it becomes essential primarily for scavenging shipwrecks. In such situations, a 'Force Open' prompt appears at the lower part of your screen, initiating a captivating mini-game involving salvaging.

In this game, your Crowbar will swing while you aim to halt it by hitting the indicated button. Hitting the green zone yields optimal results, while the yellow area nearby offers a lesser yet significant boost. Remember, missing the target zone counts as a failed attempt, and after three unsuccessful attempts, you are forced to abandon the salvage operation. However, you can explore and scavenge for treasures and other valuable items by unlocking the shipwreck.

Conclusively, the Skull and Bones Crowbar is an essential yet rewarding tool you would want to procure and master in your gaming journey. Happy scavenging!

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