How to Get to Act 2: A Comprehensive Guide for Baldurs Gate 3 Players

Discover how to transition from Act 1 to Act 2 in Baldurs Gate 3. …

Are you keen to steer your journey into Act 2 within the expansive world of Baldurs Gate 3? Gain the knowledge of moving ahead in this RPG realm with our step-by-step guide. Crafted by Larian Studios, this game draws deeply from the well-established blueprint of the tabletop classic Dungeons and Dragons. Equipped with a complex narrative dispersed into independent Acts, Baldurs Gate 3 offers an engaging journey to its players. Until recently, the available gameplay was restricted to Act 1, but with its complete release, game enthusiasts can now steer their adventure into the much-anticipated Act 2.

Unlocking Act 2 in Baldurs Gate 3

There are two primary avenues to make your way into Act 2 – one option is the path known as 'The Mountain Pass,' and the other is through an 'Elevator' in the Underdark. Let's delve into the details:

Option 1: The Mountain Pass

The Mountain Pass is the smoothest route to transition into Act 2. Commence your journey from Waukeens Rest and keep progressing till you run into a Githyanki Patrol party. If Laezel or another Githyanki party member can't reason with the resistance, get ready for a challenging encounter.

Dominate the powerful Githyanki Patrol party to secure your right of passage. Post-victory, make your way westward until you reach the Mountain Pass. Launch the Mountain Pass command, and your team will move to the amped-up world of Act 2.

Option 2: The Elevator

If you'd rather sidestep the Githyanki Patrol, this option is for you. Start by heading to an Underdark entrance, more specifically at the base of Hags Lair or the concealed elevator under the Zhentarim Hideout. Upon entering the Underdark, maneuver towards the Beach positioned in the central region of the zone and search for a boat. Be wary, though; multiple hazards lurk in this path. Use the ship to journey towards Grymforge and complete the quests available there. Lastly, you will discover the Elevator, providing safe ascension for your party to Act 2.

Each of these strategies provides a distinct journey filled with its unique challenges. Embark on the route that best matches your playing style and unveils the further thrilling journey waiting for your party in Act 2. For more insightful guides on strengthening your party's build and seamless journeying, stay tuned.