Baldurs Gate 3: Complete Guide to Elder Brithvar’s Character

Baldur’s Gate 3 features a plethora of fascinating NPCs, among which Elder Brithvar is a standout. …

In the sprawling world of Baldur's Gate 3, you're likely to meet many fascinating NPCs, each with unique attributes and lore. One of the standout characters you'll encounter is a Duergar leader named Elder Brithvar. In this article, we'll delve deep into this character, his role in crucial missions, and the treasures he holds.

Elder Brithvar: A Stalwart Leader of Duergar

You'll likely cross paths with Elder Brithvar as early as Act 1 in the Grymforge. Characterized by a likable, gruff exterior, he represents the quintessential Dwarven warrior who prioritizes the well-being of his people. Despite his battle-hardened appearance, he's a leader you can rely on to fight alongside you. The contentious relationship between Brithvar and the devious True Soul Nere creates engaging conflict, making him a captivating character to interact with.

Elder Brithvar's Role in Baldurs Gate 3 Quests

Elder Brithvar plays a pivotal role in four critical quests within the game. 'Blind the Absolute,' 'Find the Explosives,' and 'Free True Souls Nere' are directly centered around this character, making him essential for progressing these missions. He also shines in the mission 'Save the Grymforge Gnomes', given you've kept him alive throughout previous quests. His character arch is woven into these missions beautifully, making your interactions with him a highlight of the Baldurs Gate 3 experience.

Unveiling Elder Brithvar's Location

Brithvar's first appearance is deep within the Grymforge in Act 1 – a guaranteed encounter if you're focused on exploring every corner of the game. He's situated on the southern side of the Grymforge Dock. Upon your initial meeting, you'll find him in a heated conversation with Stone Guard Kur, his lieutenant. Beware, he doesn't appreciate being eavesdropped!

The Elder Brithvar Loot: Ancestral Weaponry and Basic Poison

Elder Brithvar holds valuable items apart from being essential to quests. It's possible to access his inventory by eliminating him, although this could lead to significant consequences. If you decide on this risky path, you'll gain his prized possession- an ancestral weapon, the Deep Delver. This unique war pick, a family heirloom, is a potent magic weapon and can cause considerable damage. In addition to this, Elder Brithvar carries a vial of basic poison.

A Peek into Elder Brithvar's Capabilities

As a seasoned warrior and level 5 NPC, Brithvar boasts some impressive stats. His unique passive abilities and strength reveal a lifestyle accustomed to fighting in close quarters and gloomy, light-deprived environments. Moreover, his inherent Dwarven immunity to poison gives him an edge in skirmishes. His stats are:

Beginning with a +3 Proficiency Bonus and a +1 to Initiative, he also possesses Distinctive Dwarven Features, such as Superior Darkvision, Dwarven Resilience, Sunlight Sensitivity, and Duergar Resilience. His significant attribute includes an Extra Attack, enabling him to execute an additional round of attack following his main assault.

Indeed, Elder Brithvar is a compelling character in Baldur's Gate 3, adding depth and a dash of Dwarven toughness to the game's rich world.