How To Find And Save Oskar In Baldur’s Gate 3: ‘Free the Artist’ Quest

Explore the multifaceted ‘Free the Artist’ quest in Baldurs Gate 3, which involves freeing the tormented artist Oskar, dealing with spectral entities, and making strategic decisions.

Mastering 'Free the Artist': A Complete Quest Guide to Baldur's Gate 3

In the world of Baldurs Gate 3, 'Free the Artist' is a multifaceted quest that will test your strategic and combat skills. Centering around the tormented artist Oskar Fevras, this questline unfolds in a succession of events starting from Act 1 and reaching its climax in Act 3.

The first encounter with Oskar occurs in the grim dungeons of the Zentharim Headquarters, setting the scene for the whole quest. Upon freeing him, he requests a meeting in Baldurs Gate, promising a grand reward. However, this rendezvous only becomes available in Act 3, where the quest continues to unfold.

Baldurs Gate 3: The 'Free the Artist' Conundrum

In Act 3, navigate to Lady Jannath's Estate in the city's lower quarters. Oskars occupy the estate of the betrothed, Lady Jannath. The entrance is guarded by a dubious character, Tarhun Mnemonis, who initially objects to your entry but can be manipulated into allowing you access with careful persuasion.

Upon setting foot within the mansion, it becomes apparent that not everything is as it should be. By consuming a See Invisibility potion, spectral entities haunting the estate are brought to light. Engaging in combat with the spectral beings can prove to be a time-consuming process due to their numbers. A less challenging strategy is to traverse the estate, hopeful that saving throws will aid in the avoidance of hostile furniture.

Ascending to the second floor reveals Lady Jannath in the suitable bedroom, reaching out to a possessed Oskar. Now, the quest evolves into a thrilling exorcism.

Resolving the 'Free the Artist' Quest: Saving Oskar

In the throes of possession, your fate-deciding options are either to knock Oskar out non-lethally, thereby unraveling more of the story or to eliminate him and abruptly terminate the quest.

Non-lethal action permits you to follow Lady Jannath to Oskar's top-floor atelier, the epicenter of the spectral encounters. Through investigation, it's revealed that Oskar had sought help from Mystic Carrion for personal issues, leading to the trouble at hand. The following action is to tackle Carrion and acquire the Torch of Revocation necessary to incinerate the problematic painting.

Dealing with Mystic Carrion in Baldur's Gate 3

Mystic Carrion resides in Philgraves Mansion in the lower city's southeast. Gaining entry to the mansion involves magical manipulation or brute strength, depending on your character's abilities. Inside, you'll find Carrion, whose aid in resolving Oskar's situation would come at a price – either 3000 golds or the return of his assistant Thrumbo, which triggers a subsequent quest.

The Hunt for Thrumbo and Mystic Carrion's Jars

Fulfilling Carrion's request leads you on a hunt for Thrumbo and four jars containing Carrion's organs. The discovery of the four jars makes it possible to conquer Carrion. Should you choose to return Thrumbo to Carrion, the quest is completed, and Carrion rewards you with the Torch of Revocation to destroy the rogue portrait. Opting to eliminate Carrion adds an engaging spin to the plot, requiring you to complete additional tasks.