Hogwarts Legacy. Description of all spells and how to get them

The world of Harry Potter offers countless possibilities, and in Hogwarts Legacy you can take advantage of these opportunities and learn about spells not found in the original story. What secrets of the wizarding world are waiting to be discovered in Hogwarts Legacy?

Spells in the Hogwarts Legacy

In the Legacy of Hogwarts, the player can utilize 29 distinct spells. These are divided into two categories:

In the Legacy of Hogwarts, the player can utilize 29 unique spells. They are divided into two groups:

  • Ready to assign – Spells that the player can assign to their spell menu and use them at any given time
  • Fundamental and utilitarian – spells that are employed under certain conditions
  • Primary and functional – spells that are employed under certain circumstances

Check out the rundown of spells below, along with a brief description and the requirement to learn them!

Assignable spells:

  • Madame Kogawas mission 1: Glacius – chill your enemies and increase the damage they take!
  • Halt the Momentum – Slowing down of objects and items (Madame Kogawy 2 Task)
  • Accio – Summoning of objects and adversaries (storyline)
  • Depulso – Moving down of objects and adversaries (Professor Sharp’s 1 Task or the main task of Urtkot’s Helmet)
  • Spell of Transformation – altering objects and enemies (Professor Weasleys task)
  • Transformation Incantation – Manipulating objects and enemies (Professor Weasleys mission)
  • Bombarda – generates a powerful detonation causing damage and destroying objects (Professor Howin task)
  • Expelliarmus – causes light damage and rips a weapon or wand out of an opponent’s hand (Professor Hecat 2 task)
  • Diffindo – causes significant damage and slices through objects (Professor Sharps task 2)
  • Diffindo – inflicts severe damage and cuts through objects (Professor Sharps mission 2)
  • Confringo – launches a fiery projectile with a wide range (plot line)
  • Confringo – dispatches a blazing projectile with far-reaching capabilities (plot line)
  • Ground Pounding – Harnesses the power of gravity to bring levitating objects or enemies down to the earth (Professor Onais request)
  • Firespout – a short-ranged ignition (Professor Hecats Task 1)
  • Flameburst – a brief combustion (Professor Hecats Assignment 1)
  • Lumos – used to illuminate mysterious locations (story line)
  • Reparo – rebuilding items (Professor Ronen’s task, related to the plotline)
  • Flipendo – leap into the air to pick up and knock back objects or enemies (Professor Garlick 2 quest)
  • Levioso – allows you to lift objects and enemies (Professor Garlick’s quest 1)
  • Wingardium Leviosa – enhanced Levioso magic, allowing you to lift objects and enemies, as well as manipulate them (Professor Garlick task 1)
  • Avada Kedavra – results in the immediate termination of an opponent’s life (Relationship: In the shadow of a relic)
  • Crucio – causes damage over time, increases the damage suffered, and in the case of many enemies prevents movement and attacking (Relationships: In the Shadow of Science)
  • Imperio – an enemy that supports the player for a limited time (Relationships: In the Shadow of Time)
  • Evanesco – only works in the Room of Requirement and causes selected items to disappear from sight (Storyline)
  • Enchantment Spell – only works within the Wish Room and causes objects to appear (plot-line)
  • Incantation of Conjuring – only effective within the Wish Room and brings forth objects (storyline)
  • Charm of Transformation – Only effective in the Wish Room, this charm alters the forms and features of the items within (plotline).
  • Chameleons Ch arm – grants the hero invisibility (storyline)

Basic and utility spells

  • Protego – envelops the gamer with a magical shield
  • Petrificus Totalus – allows you to silently remove enemies while sneaking around
  • Alohomora – Unlocks locks
  • Revelio – unveils intriguing things and foes in the vicinity. It also works through walls
  • Revelio – reveals captivating items and adversaries in the area. Also penetrates walls
  • Tingling – renders the opponent numb
  • Basic Strike – inflicts minor damage and allows for the destruction of small objects
  • Fundamental Attack – causes minor harm and enables the demolition of small objects

Unlocking all of the spells within this group is achieved by progressing through the main storyline.