Anubis in Palworld: A Detailed Guide to Finding, Fighting and Capturing the Powerful Ground-Type Pal

This comprehensive guide provides useful insights on how to locate, fight and capture the powerful Anubis in Palworld. …

Introduction to Anubish in Palworld

Anubis, a ground-type Pal, holds the reputation as one of the mightiest to find in the game of Palworld. Players are drawn to it not only because of it being a formidable Pal but also because of its striking likeness to Pokmon Lucario. Home to the vast desert region, Twilight Dunes, Anubis can face a real challenge, so even spotting it does not guarantee an easy capture.

Locating Anubis

Found exclusively in the barren landscape of central Twilight Dunes, you won't find Anubis anywhere else. It possesses a formidable presence, standing firm at level 47, and you can detect its presence near a Statue of Power. Its living conditions thus add another level of complexity as you need to be ready for the harsh desert environment. Equip your avatar with temperature-resistant gear to endure punishing sandstorms and blazing sun.

Tips and Tricks to Capture the Elusive Anubis

While discovering Anubis might be a task, capturing it is another crucial game aspect. It is recommended to utilize a legendary sphere when trying to capture Anubis. Moreover, being a ground-type, Anubis is vulnerable to Grass Type Pals. Among your top picks should be formidable Grass Type Pals like Mossanda, Robinquill, Wumpo Botan, and Lyleen. Your squad should comprise Pals robust enough to hold their own at level 47.

  • Armory: Besides having a solid lineup of Pals, carrying effective firearms is necessary. The main goal is to weaken Anubis to a point when a legendary sphere can be used to capture it.
  • Persistence: Anubis is known for its craftiness. Initial attempts at capturing it might fail. But persistence is essential as you can succeed eventually with repeated attempts.


Catching Anubis is a challenging feat, but not impossible. By equipping yourself adequately and employing an effective strategy, you can successfully add this powerful Pal to your list of achievements in Palworld. Remember, a well-equipped squad, suitable gear, persistence, and a little luck are all it takes to capture Anubis!

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