Unlocking Optimal Endings in Baldurs Gate 3: A Guide to Wyll and Karlach’s Epilogue

Discover how to secure a better ending for Karlach in Baldurs Gate 3 by navigating through Avernus alongside Wyll, preventing Zariel from controlling her again. …

Revamped Destiny: Karlach and Wyll in Baldurs Gate 3

Have you ever desired a positive conclusion for Karlach in Baldurs Gate 3? With the recent patch, that can now be a reality. The newly integrated adjustments have provided Karlach a slightly healthier ending, distinguishing her from her previous decisions. Standing against Avernus, she now has Wyll alongside you, ready to guard her from Zariel's dominance. This article provides a comprehensive guide to securing Wyll and Karlach's standard epilogue in Baldurs Gate 3.

Securing Shared Success: Wyll and Karlach's Combined Ending

The collective conclusion materializes after the concluding face-off during the final cinematic sequence. Assuming you've made the correct selections and adequately calibrated the dialogue, you, along with Wyll and Karlach, will confront Avernus unitedly as a trio. Patch 2 introduces this new epilogue, revealing a cooperative adventure of Karlach, Wyll, and the player navigating through Avernus, enabling each other to exist while eluding Zariel. To secure this ending, you are required to meet certain conditions before reaching the third act. These involve completing individual quests attributed to Karlach and Wyll.

Prerequisites for Acquiring the Shared Ending:

  • Karlach's Path: Achieving not just the completion of Karlach's quest but also a successful romance with this character is pivotal. When engaged in a dialogue with your companions during the conclusive cinematic, options will arise to either accompany Karlach, envoy her with Wyll or jointly face Avernus with Wyll and Karlach.
  • Wyll's Journey: Complementary to Karlach's mission is fulfilling Wyll's quest involving the rescue of his father, Duke Ravengard. The sophomore deal with Mizora for the Duke revival is essential but invites a subsequent quest to locate him in Act 3 following Gortash's appointment as the new Duke. A positive note is the chance to procure the Spellsparkler in Act 1 during the rescue mission.
  • Elimination of Absolute: The expulsion of the Absolute is a compulsory requirement as it forms a part of the Heroes of the Realm ending. Retention of Absolute holds back any opportunities for an Absolute-free victory against the Mindflayers and Nautiloids. The destruction of the Absolute, followed by the involvement of Wyll and Karlach in the final combat, allows the selection of their epilogue during the harbor event. This culminates in them embarking on an Avernus showdown with demons.

A successful acquisition of Wyll and Karlach's shared epilogue, albeit seemingly facile, may necessitate embarking on a new game due to its preparatory obligations from Act 1. For supplementary assistance, our BG3 guide hub provides a wealth of resources.