Troubleshooting Helldivers 2 Mission Rewards and Medals Glitch: An Insightful Guide

Many Helldivers 2 players are experiencing glitches with missing mission rewards and medals due to server issues. …

Understanding the Helldivers 2 Rewards and Medals Glitch

As gamers, we all love the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing missions and unlocking rewards. But what if the excitement of victory is marred by failure to receive rewards you duly earned? This seems to be the situation many Helldivers 2 players are currently facing. Some players have reported not receiving their standard rewards, such as medals, XP, and battle pass points, after completing missions in the game. Other incentives like in-game currencies, samples, requisition slips, and super credits are also missing from their loot.

Is it a common Glitch or Server Issue?

The frequency of these occurrences has led some to believe this may be a common glitch in the game. However, it appears that it is related more to server congestion issues than game mechanics. While this frustrating ordeal is something that players have limited control over, there are some steps you can take to rectify the situation potentially.

Navigating The 'No Rewards' Issue: The Simple Fix

Though the issue of non-rewards in Helldivers 2 seems widespread, a simple workaround exists.

Waiting and reloading the game post-mission can often yield the rewards that were due. However, this method might not be foolproof – not all players succeed with this strategy. On a personal note, I have noticed that this glitch tends to resolve naturally over time. For instance, issues I faced in the morning frequently corrected themselves by the same evening.

Patience Pays: The Silver Lining

A bit of good news among all the frustration is that the rewards you were initially supposed to receive will eventually return to you. As the server rectifies its issues, the rewards and incentives will reappear and be added to your account simultaneously. This sudden influx could lead you to enjoy a significant spending spree with your newly reimbursed rewards. So, as a seasoned expert in troubleshooting this challenge, my advice is to exhibit patience and let time do its magic.