Boost your Power in Starfield: Your Extensive Guide to Increase Inventory Capacity

Power up your Starfield gameplay by increasing your inventory capacity. …

An Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Carrying Capacity in Starfield

In the world of Starfield, the amount of resources and items you can manage is limited by Starfield encumbrance. Weight Lifting is a critical skill to upgrade to increase your carrying potential. Various methods can boost this capacity, making it easier to manage your inventory. Let's delve into how to carry more in Starfield and tackle over-encumbrance efficiently.

Enhancing your Starfield Overencumbrance and Weight Carrying Ability

There are several methods to step up Starfield encumbrance and inventory carry weight:

  • Amplify the Weight Lifting skill
  • Acquire stat-reaching Magazines
  • Let companions hold surplus objects
  • Implement Carry Capacity Mods or Pocketed modes to packs or spacesuits
  • Consume particular chems and food
  • Purchase the High School Backpack via the 'Kid Stuff' Trait
  • Save excess inventory in your ship's cargo

These steps will guide you in your quest to maximize your inventory capacity in Starfield, suit your playstyle, and make the gaming experience smoother.

The Weight Lifting Skill: Your Key to Greater Carry Capacity

The Weight Lifting Skill, an essential factor on the Physical Skill tree, enhances your maximum weight-carrying capacity and other factors once leveled up. The challenge is sprinting a given distance with your encumbrance at 75% or higher, which is reasonably achievable with regular play.

Maximizing Encumbrance By Finding Magazine Boosts

Certain magazines discovered in your journey can boost your weight-carrying capacity by 5kg, a permanent benefit that makes the search worthwhile.

They are scattered, from the Deserted Mineral Plant on the moon Zamk to the Deserted UC Listening Post on Piazzi VI-B. Hunt them down to take advantage of this consistent weight boost.

Utilize Companions and Mods to Increase Carrying Capacity

Starfield companions can hold surplus items, freeing up room in your inventory. Additionally, specific modded spacesuits and packs can boost your carrying Ability. By undertaking Pack Mods 2 or Spacesuit Mods 2 research projects, you can modify your gear for additional carry capacity bonuses.

Chems and Food: Temporary Boosts to Carry Capacity

Consuming specific food and chems in Starfield offers temporary carry capacity boosts, providing a fast solution for over-encumbrance. Food items such as Bourbon, Alien Liquor, and UC Battlemeal grant varying capacity increases for a limited time, although each has drawbacks. The most significant temporary boost comes from the Pick-Me-Up treatment, which increases your carrying capacity by 50 for 15 minutes.

High School Backpack: A Lifetime Advantage

Lastly, acquiring the High School Backpack via the Kid Stuff Trait provides a permanent and fundamental boost to your carrying capacity. These combined methods will boost your potential to carry and manage items in the Starfield, greatly enhancing your Ability to advance in the game.

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