Unfolding the Intricacies of the Avenge the Drowned Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

This article provides in-depth guidance on completing the Avenge the Drowned Quest in Baldurs Gate 3. …

Embarking on the Avenge the Drowned Quest: First Steps

Involving a fascinating encounter with the followers of the spiteful sea deity, Umberlee, the Avenge the Drowned quest awaits you in Act Three of Baldurs Gate 3. Your quest centers around resolving a festering dispute involving a character named Redhammer. This article endeavors to elucidate how to navigate this complex storyline.

Getting started, you'll first bump into an NPC named Allandra Grey, commonly known as 'Flood Tide.' She resides in the Water Queens House, located southwest of the Lower City. As the story unfolds, you will discover that a fellow follower, Holli, was brutally slain by an unidentified creature in Grey Harbor.

Upon facing Holli's lifeless body, the utility of the Speak with Dead spell becomes evident. The crucial questions to ask include:

  • What led to your premature demise?
  • Who is the culprit behind your death?
  • Where were you targeted?

Locating and Deciding Redhammer's Fate

As you progress in your quest, the traces lead you to Flymms Cargo, situated along the northern coastline of Grey Harbor. It becomes a battlefield with hostile creatures. After winning the fight and going inside, descend through the hatch by moving some crates. Your journey brings you face-to-face with Redhammer the Deviser, the one who accidentally caused Holli's death with a machine he created.

Negotiate with Redhammer carefully. Please do not rush into attacking him. Redhammer is a crucial cog in your mission progression as he can escort you to the Iron Throne via a submersible, offering a means to wrap up quests such as Retrieve Omeluum and The Grand Duke.

To Surrender or Not: The Great Dilemma

Once you manage to free the captives and exit the submersible, the Umberlee disciples make their appearance. They demand Redhammer to be surrendered for his inadvertent crime. Redhammer, expressing regret, insists it was merely an accident.

It is a catch-22 situation. Handing Redhammer over might disturb your well-intentioned squad, as they believe Redhammer is blameless. However, keeping Redhammer safe triggers an attack from Umberlee's followers. Regrettably, there is little room for negotiation here, and a clash becomes inevitable.

Regardless of your decision, crossing this hurdle marks the completion of Avenge the Drowned Quest. It is indeed a quest where you need to choose between safeguarding someone who unintentionally caused death or surrendering him to a judgment that might lead to execution.

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