How to take a screenshot in World of Tanks: The Ultimate Guide

An elucidative guide that explains how to capture screenshots in the World of Tanks game, methods for various platforms including mobiles, and where to locate and access the saved screenshots.

Capturing and Preserving Your Unforgettable Gaming Moments in World of Tanks

World of Tanks, a strategic and thrilling game, is packed with unexpected victories, mind-blowing reversals, and wild moments that leave the spectators in awe. One feature that allows gamers to save these unforgettable moments for posterity is the facility to take screenshots within the game. This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to take screenshots in World of Tanks and where to find them once saved.

Simple Steps to Snap a Screenshot during a World of Tanks Game

To capture a snapshot of your milestone moments within the game, all you need to do is press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. This key is typically located adjacent to the F12 key on conventional keyboards. If you use a compact keyboard, the Function (Fn) key and the Print Screen key may be required. Successful capture of a screenshot will trigger a brief pop-up notification on your screen's bottom-right corner.

Screenshot Capturing in World of Tanks: Blitz on Mobile Devices

Taking screenshots on the mobile version of World of Tanks: Blitz is akin to your usual screenshot commands. The volume down and power buttons pressed together should work on most Android devices. For iPhone users, the combination depends on whether the model comes with Face ID. Models with Face ID need the side button and the volume up control to be pressed together, while those without the Face ID require the simultaneous press of the side and home buttons.

Locating Your Saved World of Tanks Screenshots

The capture of seemingly countless screenshots is a common phenomenon among passionate World of Tanks players. From showcasing a retiree tank collection to documenting hard-earned victories, these images hold sentimental value. So, where does the game store them? On default settings, these screenshots are saved in a sub-folder within your PC's World of Tanks folder.

If you're having trouble locating your World of Tanks folder, refer to C:/Program Files (x86)/ of Tanks/Game Files, which is likely its location if you downloaded it directly from the Wargaming website. For those who acquired the game through Steam, the 'View' in the top menu bar is your go-to. Clicking 'Screenshots' after that will display all your saved content relevant to your account.