Tips to Acquire the Rare Exsanguinous Unique in Last Epoch

This article provides strategic tips to locate the rare Exsanguinous unique in the action RPG, Last Epoch. …


  • Exsanguinous is a unique asset in the action RPG Last Epoch, which enhances spell damage and can improve attack and speed. 🧙‍♂️💫
  • Securing Exsanguinous requires strategic gameplay and can often be discovered in Empowered Monoliths and the Blood, Frost, and Death territories. 🗺️⚔️
  • Players can optimize finding Exsanguinous by targeting areas equivalent to Level 23 and farming in the Blood, Frost, and Death timeline under the Monoliths of Fate. 🎯🌐
  • Contrary to popular assumptions, Exsanguinous isn't likely to drop from specific enemy types, recommending players to take down all enemies in sight. 👹💥
  • Collecting unique drop blessings can increase the chance of procuring this item. 🎁🍀
  • Players exploring Empowered Monoliths (Level 100) have reported higher chances of locating Exsanguinous. The exploration of such monoliths is often rewarded with rarer Echo Rewards. 👥🔎
  • The Rune of Ascendance may provide an opportunity to farm Exsanguinous, although it isn't the most efficient method when used on any body armor. 🔮🛡️

Understanding Exsanguinous in the Last Epoch

Exsanguinous is a notably unique asset in the action RPG Last Epoch, known for its rarity and power. Rooted in the Noble Raiment, this rare unique amplify spell damage and provides the potential to augment attack and movement speed. Despite its coveted status among gameplay enthusiasts, locating this elusive piece necessitates dedicated time and strategic maneuvering.

Strategizing Ways to Obtain Exsanguinous

While there is no precise route to secure Exsanguinous, several strategies are known to enhance its discovery process. Primarily, the two most promising areas to conduct your search are Empowered Monoliths and the Blood, Frost, and Death territories.

Optimize Farming Opportunities in Level 23

  • Players risk diluting the drop pool with added unique items at high levels. To optimize your odds, the best practice is to target zones corresponding to Level 23, where the Exsanguinous item becomes obtainable.
  • Another noteworthy strategy is to farm for Exsanguinous in the Blood, Frost, and Death timeline under the Monoliths of Fate.

Unleashing Your Power: Demolish everything

Contrary to the expectations, Exsanguinous does not drop from distinct enemy types or locations. As it is a high rarity, non-gambleable, and unique, the most effective method is to execute every enemy in sight, preferably in locations or timelines such as Omen of Silence.

Treasure Hunt: Accumulate Unique Drop Blessings

Gathering unique drop blessings enhances the probability of procuring a unique item. As you undertake varying monoliths, you may encounter echo rewards titled Chance to Drop Unique Item and Chance to Drop Body Armor, further boosting your chances of finding Exsanguinous.

Heightening the Hustle: Chasing Empowered Monoliths

Several players venturing through Last Epoch have reported higher Exsanguinous discovery rates while attempting Empowered Monoliths. These Level 100 monoliths, known to yield some of the best in-game drops, provide a highly favorable environment for your search. Including rarer Echo Rewards increases your chances of securing Exsanguinous notably while exploring these monoliths.

The Rune of Ascendance: A Possible Route to Exsanguinous

Using the Rune of Ascendance on any body armor may offer a chance to farm Exsanguinous. However, it's important to note that this method does not guarantee the most efficient route to acquire this item.

Mastering the Last Epoch demands strategic planning to unlock its many secrets. Armed with these tips, pursuing the coveted Exsanguinous can be more focused and fruitful.

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