The Latest Patch For Sons Of The Forest Adds In A Ton Of Fixes

Sons of the forest new patch

Patch 05 just dropped for the Sons Of The Forest and it’s going to make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Sons Of The Forest is the sequel to the indie title “ The forest” that was released in 2018. Endnight released the fifth patch for the game which was a major sigh of release for gamers getting plagued by the glitches in the game. It seems that the survival genre is getting a massive boost in content with the amount of games rolling in. We already have Dead Island 2 and the Resident Evil 4 remake, which makes it four new survival games if you count Outlast and Layers of Fear!

Sons Of The Forest got released through early access a few months ago. With a ton of hype building around it, the developers were forced to pump out the game as quickly as possible. Even though the game was as polished as a game could be upon release, there still were some issues here and there. It seems that Endnight is attempting to iron out these kinks!

The patch also adds a considerable amount of new content to the game for players to enjoy. While the content may not be as expansive as a DLC, it’s still a lot. The official steam page from Sons of The Forest states that patch 05 adds in 34 lakes, 79 ponds, new gear and a playable guitar to the game. The GPS will also correctly reflect locations making the gameplay smoother! 

It seems that Kevin will also get some adjustments to make him a better survival partner. If you aren’t familiar with the game, Kevin is the player’s AI helper. Upon release, he was just a simple character that obeyed the player’s commands, but it seems that Endnight is attempting to increase his functionality for more advanced automated tasks.

An in-depth explanation of the patch notes are available on the game’s Steam Page and website. Drop them a visit for more information regarding the game!