Amouranth Is Unbanned By Twitch Once Again

amouranth ban

The seventh time’s the charm.

Twitch unbans Amouranth for the Seventh time since her entry into the platform. Amouranth is widely considered to be the most popular female streamer on the platform and recently started to stream on Kick. Her ban was lifted on the 19th of July, but she seems to be unfazed by the incident.

Amouranth isn’t new to bans as this is the seventh time this occurred within the span of her career. Her controversial hot tub streams often result in a ban, that never seems to last more than three days. The popular streamer currently sits within the top 20 biggest streamers on Twitch with over 6.4 million followers to her name. 

Her current ban only lasted 24 hours, which is shorter than any of her previous suspensions. As of now, the reason for her ban is unclear as neither Twitch nor Amouranth has disclosed any information regarding it. However, it’s very clear that she’ll not heed to the sanctions placed against her by Twitch as she spent the 24 hour ban period streaming on Kick.

However, Amouranth getting the ban lifted within a 24 hour timeframe didn’t sit well with the community. While her fans were overjoyed, the rest of the population called out Twitch for Favourisitm. Amouranth isn’t the only streamer getting banned this month as PewDiePie got his second ban on Twitch. However, unlike Amouranth, PewDiePie’s ban is yet to be lifted!

Twitch is currently heavy fire from the streaming community. Both streamers and viewers are outraged at the changes in advertising policies and blatant cases of favoritism. The intense backfire from the community forced Twitch to revert the changes made to their guidelines. 

With Kick showing strong potential as a new upcoming streaming platform, it’s time that Twitch took complaints seriously. If they continue to disregard their community, they might be digging their own grave.