Guide to Finding Araj Oblodra and Getting Unique Potions in Baldurs Gate 3

This guide uncovers how to find Araj Oblodra, an elven alchemist, in Moonrise Towers, Baldurs Gate 3. …

Unraveling the Secrets of Moonrise Towers: Meet Araj Oblodra

In Act 2 of Baldurs Gate 3, you will come across the intriguing location, Moonrise Towers, home to an array of Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Each one obeys the command of the Absolute. Among them, you'll find a unique alchemist who specializes in creating potions from blood, offering players an exciting exchange. This guide will help you locate the elven alchemist, Araj Oblodra, and outline how to obtain your unique potion.

Who is Araj Oblodra, and Why Should You Find Her?

Often, players hurry through Moonrise Towers to confront or liaise with Ketheric Thorm or to rescue captured Tieflings. This rush usually means missing out on some lucrative opportunities hidden throughout the extra rooms of the tower. One such option is meeting Araj Oblodra, who can offer you a racially-specific potion for just a drop of your blood. Each tincture is uniquely tailored to your race and provides buffs until your next Long Rest. For example, as an elf, your brew may boost Darkvision and Movement Speed.

Navigating Moonrise Towers to Find Araj Oblodra

Araj's location may not be intuitive as it's off the main line of action. However, spending some time and effort exploring can lead to fruitful interactions and perhaps some additional items. If you face the throne in Moonrise Towers, you will find Araj Oblodra in the room on the left.

This room is often overlooked unless sought after consciously, which means she's easy to miss if you're not deliberately searching.

For an even richer gaming experience, I recommend bringing along Asterion. There's a unique interaction available between Astarion and Araj that can unveil additional scenes based on your choices. This not only spoils her interaction with Astarion but also gives you an unexpected advantage of boosting from racially specific potions.

Maximize Your Baldurs Gate 3 Experience

After visiting Araj's room and getting your potion, continue exploring. Your adventure in Baldurs Gate 3 holds more awaits you. For instance, you could tread into the Shadowfell and discover what lies beyond. For any help, visit our BG3 guide hub for more topics like the ten worst choices you can make to be the villain or how to complete Avenge the Drowned.

The art of taking your time to explore Baldurs Gate 3 significantly enhances your gaming experience. Not only do you uncover more of the game's rich lore, but you also discover and engage with unique NPCs such as Araj Oblodra. So, while the game's complex narrative and multiple quests may nudge you to rush, remember that the beauty of Baldurs Gate 3 also lies in its intricate details. Happy gaming!