Baldurs Gate 3: A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining the Elegant Studded Leather Armor

This comprehensive guide provides an efficient strategy to acquire the coveted Elegant Studded Leather Armor in Baldurs Gate 3 without completing the regular questline. …

The Perks of Securing the Elegant Studded Leather Armor in Baldurs Gate 3

If you're a Rogue character seeking a high-value armor piece, the Elegant Studded Leather armor of Baldurs Gate 3 is a must-have. This item offers a myriad of benefits, including:

  • +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls.
  • Free usage of Shield for each Long Rest.
  • Advantage on Stealth Checks.

Typically, you would need to complete a particular questline to acquire it, but we present a quicker way that does not involve any consequences.

Acquiring the Elegant Studded Leather Armor without Questing

In most cases, Baldurs Gate 3 players obtain the Elegant Studded Leather Armor after completing the Return Rakaths Gold quest. This task involves hunting down the Stone Lord and the Bhaalists, who have broken into the Counting House's Vaults to steal a vast amount of gold.

You usually begin this mission when the bank's manager is absent for an extended period during a meeting with the Stone Lord. However, there's an alternate route. Once the bank's Head Clerk allows you, you can assist. This enables you to search the vaults for potential leads to recover the stolen gold.

After assisting with the ensuing attack, you gain permission to explore the vaults and search for any leads on where to find and get back the missing gold.

Breaking into Vault 9

Once in the sewers, you would usually find Minsc, defeat the Zhentarim infiltrator accompanying him, reclaim the gold, and return it to Rakath. Grateful, Rakath provides you the key for Vault 9, which houses the coveted Elegant Studded Leather Armor.

A nugget of advice here: you can avoid this process. Instead, close the Vault Door behind you upon entry and engage Vault 9's lock (DC 30). It may seem cumbersome, but at this junction, Asterion proves quite beneficial with his bonuses. Using Guidance or Inspiration will prove useful if your initial attempts fail. The process is surprisingly straightforward – take the armor and walk out. It's interesting to note that even directly crossing Rakath's path does not trigger the theft scene.

Additional Gameplay Considerations

The questline might be worth exploring if Jaheira is in your party and you wish to recruit Minsc. For more gaming strategies, check out more guides 🙂