Hogwarts Legacy. How long does it take to get through the game?

For players, an important question about the game is how long it will take to complete the main campaign and all the side quests. How long does it take to complete Hogwarts Legacy in its entirety?

Time to play Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy offers an open world that has been designed with great flair and care. Traversing the vast terrain on foot can prove too difficult. Fortunately, the player has various means of transportation at his disposal, such as fast travel, a broomstick or magical creatures.

The passage time of Hogwarts Legacy depends on many things, including the individual preferences of each player, so:

  • the technique of exchanging sentences
  • the art of discussion
  • discovering the advantages of the world
  • investigating the mysteries of the world
  • seeing unique effects and magnificent views
  • Choose your desired difficulty level of the game
  • methods of acquiring resources (purchasing or performing by yourself)

With the standard way of playing the game on the normal difficulty level, it is assumed that it should take about 35 hours to complete the main storyline. Earning all achievements, completing all side quests and discovering every secret should take about 70 hours. This means that Hogwarts Legacy can give players more than 100 hours of unforgettable entertainment

If you want to experience the real magic, you need to go through Hogwarts Legacy several times, choosing different paths and being a student of each of the four houses. You will then see everything the player can offer!