Navigating the Adamantine Forge Quest in Baldurs Gate 3: A Comprehensive Guide

A detailed guide on discovering and progressing through the Adamantine Forge quest in Baldurs Gate 3. …

Discovering the Exciting Adamantine Forge Quest

In the thrilling world of Baldurs Gate 3, the Adamantine Forge provides players with a formidable quest in the Grymforge region of Underdark during Act 1. This captivating quest epitomizes the multifaceted challenges posed by Baldur's Gate 3 adventures, with the potential to leave players engrossed and somewhat puzzled. No worries, though, as our guide will help navigate the confounding portions.

Unlocking the Adamantine Forge Quest

One aspect that makes Baldurs Gate 3 exhilarating is the dynamic quest progression, an archetypal attribute of the Adamantine Forge mission. There are several ways to initiate this quest, all hinting at the start of this enthralling adventure without giving too much away. One method to trigger the Adamantine Forge quest is finishing the Avenge Gluts Circle and unearthing the remains of the drow Xargrim in the recompense grove.

The second approach involves Firlo the Forgotten, a somewhat elusive source that provides vital information about the Adamantine Forge's location. It would be best first to conquer him in battle and then use the Scroll of Speak with Dead to extract the information from his lifeless form. Dhourn, another Drow, also serves as an essential source of information concerning the Adamantine Forge's location. You'll find him petrified during your initial encounter with him at the Temple of Selune. However, this predicament quickly changes when the roaming Spectator reanimates him during a fierce fight. Whichever method you choose, any of the three Drows will eventually reveal the Adamantine Forges location.

Traversing to Adamantine Forge

After acquiring the quest, your log indicates that the forge is deep within the Underdark. Your destination, the Adamantine Forge, is within the Grymforge, accessible through a boat ride from Underdark Beach. The boat is under Corsair Greymon's command, a duergar who poses minimal threat. You should pass a few ability checks, including a potential parasite check, to gain passage. You can then voyage through the Underdark waters.

Upon reaching Grymforge, two paths lead to the Adamantine Forge, with their fair share of hurdles and traps. Your party composition should dictate your route. The first path has an evident cave-in. You'll either have to fight back against the duergar crew or nimbly avoid them to clear the way. An area teeming with traps will greet you after clearing the rubble. Bringing Astarion along for this quest would be a sound strategy, as he can help clear the way and ungroup at this point.

Working with the Adamantine Forge

Once you reach the Adamantine Forge, activating it requires access to an ancient metal crucible at the heart of the forge. This enables you to place a Mithral Ore and one of the molds. The forging process begins by manipulating a lever south of the forge platform, which triggers the hammer's descent onto the forge. Another lever releases lava, which summons the forge protector, Grym. To defeat Grym, you'll need to have an effective strategy and exploit the lava vulnerability of the protector. After slaying Grym, you can retrieve the forged item from its remains.

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