Last Epoch: Will It Release for PS5 and Xbox Soon?

Last Epoch, after 5 years in early access for PC gaming, is gearing up for its full 1.0 release. …

Anticipation of Console Versions for Last Epoch

For nearly half a decade, fervent PC players have experienced the thrill of the early access offering of the game, 'Last Epoch.' With its full version close to being released, the anticipation among console gamers, especially PS5 and Xbox owners, is palpable. They are eager to know, 'Will Last Epoch make its way to PS5 and Xbox following its 1.0 release?'

Last Epoch's Journey and Evolution

The gaming journey of Last Epoch started as an early access game approximately five years ago. This venture was solely available for PC gamers during this period. With the much-awaited version 1.0 on the horizon, the gaming community – especially those using PS5 and Xbox consoles – are keen to get their hands on this RPG. However, the queries about the possibility of a console version remain unanswered.

Eleventh Hour Games' Plans for Last Epoch

Judd Cobler, the CEO of Eleventh Hour Games, the developers of Last Epoch, had previously given a ray of hope to console gamers. He stated that there was a good chance for Last Epoch to come to consoles. However, he was clear that their priority was ensuring the PC production and live operations pipeline was well-established and smooth. And it's been six months since that interaction, with no new updates on possible PS5 & Xbox versions.

Unfortunately, Last Epoch will not be available on PS5 and Xbox systems immediately after its 1.0 release, which is due on February 21, 2024. That said, the non-availability does not confirm that the Last Epoch will never be reachable to these consoles.

  • The PS5 and Xbox versions are still a part of the developers' plans.
  • However, the timeline for their release is contingent on the game's performance after its 1.0 release and the audience's reception.
  • Planning the console versions is dependent on the success and feedback of the full PC version.
  • Last Epoch's console debut will be announced post-evaluation of game performance and user reception of the 1.0 version.

While the console players' anticipation seems delayed, their excitement remains unscathed as they wait to dive into Last Epoch's rich gameplay. The bottom line is that console players must stay longer to play this game, but it seems worth waiting for.