Hogwarts Legacy Flies High And Surprises Everyone

The latest reports show that the Hogwarts Legacy is performing marvelously in sales. Even the publishers are stunned at the numbers! 

Hogwarts Legacy was released earlier this year in February with significant limitations. The game was only available on PC and the latest generation of consoles. But the game broke through it all with a 276% increase in sales which was predicted. Warner Bros Games themselves back these numbers, as they revealed it to the public through their LinkedIn.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Hogwarts Legacy were set to launch in April, but the dates got pushed back to May. There is even an official Nintendo Switch port coming out later this year. With the sales being this high on just PC and Current-generation consoles, we can only imagine what they will be at the end of this year!

Hogwarts Legacy bagged over $850 million in sales, with over 12 million copies sold in the first two weeks of its release. Within a month, the game surpassed Elden Ring in total copies sold. That’s right! Hogwarts Legacy outsold Elden Rings’ lifetime of sales in just a month. The developer and insights team behind Hogwarts Legacy recently published an exciting data chart regarding the game. The graphs show how gamers have over 406 million hours of playtime, resulting in the defeat of over 2.25 billion dark wizards. That’s something even Prime Dumbledore can’t match! 

We expect big numbers once the official releases are out for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch ports. Who knows, from the looks of it, this might be one of those titles that will break the history books!