Exploring Starfield: Is Starfield multiplayer or single player?

This article discusses the single-player mode emphasis of Starfield, the hope for multiplayer functionalities via mods, and the potential for online stat sharing.

Understanding Starfield's Gameplay Mode: Solo Adventure or Shared Quest?

In sci-fi gaming, the Bethesda-developed universe of Starfield has been making waves. What sets this game apart is its emphasis on a single-player, offline mode. You may be slightly disappointed if you've been hoping to hijack a spaceship alongside your buddies. However, let's look at the explanations behind the gameplay features and explore the possible additions of multiplayer functionality in the future.

Standalone Journey: Starfield's Single Player Mode

Primarily, Starfield is a single-player game. This means you, as the player, embark on an exciting journey in an offline mode without the need for an internet connection. The lack of a multiplayer mode is typical for Bethesda, mirroring their approach to other flagship games, barring exceptions like Fallout 76. While the doors to multiplayer updates are not entirely shut, currently, there's no official hint from Bethesda about moving in this direction.

Anticipated Modifications: The Hope for Starfield Multiplayer Options

The gaming community's creativity is boundless, and modding is a testament to this. So, despite a lack of in-game multiplayer features, many are still hopeful about the future modifications the game could have or develop. While there are no currently stabilized or functioning mods to add a multiplayer or co-op functionality, it's still a possibility worth addressing.

However, the job isn't as straightforward as it might seem. As Starfield is an array of interconnected galaxies with procedurally generated locations, creating a map that can be navigated by multiple players simultaneously poses a significant challenge. Therefore, orchestrating this conversion for gamers vastly separated into entirely different worlds could be a technological problem.

Internet Elements: The Possibility of Online Stat Sharing

Even without an official online mode, the game might still offer some form of online interaction, like stat sharing. Notwithstanding, as the game currently stands, it primarily provides an immersive single-player experience. However, it's safe to say that ambitious attempts to mod Starfield to a multiplayer mode are on the horizon, but for now, Starfield remains an adventure you embark on alone.

Also, consider platform constraints that may need attending, including system requirements and availability on PS4 or PS5, when considering the future scope of this game.


As new updates unfold and the game matures, the potential for multiplayer gameplay in Starfield might become more apparent. Until then, the vast space exploration of Starfield remains a solo adventure.


Image Source: imageio.forbes.com