Pokémon Go Make-Up Event Following Failed Community Event

Pokémon go makeup event

Plagued with login issues, Pokémon Go to set a makeup event on a later date.

Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go increased the consistency of updates and content drops. The Squirtle community day held last weekend was deemed a failure as many players weren’t able to participate due to login issues. However, the developer announced that a makeup event will be held for everyone to participate in.

Ever since its release in 2016, Pokémon Go has continued to be a popular game amongst players. Even though Pokémon Go is no longer the worldwide phenomenon that it once was, it consistently ranks high in the popularity charts. In addition to the community days, Niantic has been holding extra events to boost the game’s population back up to its peak.

This isn’t the first time that an event was sullied by login issues. It almost feels like deja vu as a similar incident took place in 2018. Unlike before, Niantic has taken action to make amends.

What Are Community Days?

Community days are events that are held once a month featuring a single Pokemo.

This Pokémon will appear more on the event days and will provide players with increased stardust upon capture. Certain community events boost the shiny spawn rate of the featured Pokémon as well. The Pokémon featured in the makeup event is Squirtle.

When Is The Makeup Event?

The makeup event will be held on the 23rd of July 2023. The event will follow the same rules and guidelines as the original event! If you missed the chance to catch a horde of Squirtle, this is your chance to capture them all.

It’s important to know that even though the login issues didn’t affect all the players, everyone will be able to participate in the makeup event. Therefore, if you did manage to get your fair share of Squrtles through the initial event, this is your chance to catch some more. After all, there is no harm in getting extra candy and some juicy stardust.