Diablo IV Guide: Earning Abbarant Cinders and Unlocking Loot

An advanced guide for Diablo 4 players, delving into the mechanics of in-game currencies with particular attention to Abbarant Cinders. …

A Comprehensive Look At Diablo 4 Currencies

Delving into the mystical, demon-filled world of Diablo 4, players will quickly come across various currencies. These fiend-infested coins serve many other functions, with certain types even unavailable for in-game purchases. Instead, they must be farmed throughout the expansive overworld, each unlocking diverse possibilities. One such currency, Abbarant Cinders, becomes pivotal to end-game progression and must be discovered and collected during gameplay.

Understanding Abbarant Cinders

Abbarant Cinders is a distinctive currency that cannot be purchased via any in-game store. Its purpose? In true RPG style, these ethereal coals crack open the Tortured chests scattered around the map, containing highly sought-after legendary gear pieces. Players must amass between 75 and 120 cinders to pry open a solitary chest, which provides an intriguing way to hunt down legendaries in the climax of Diablo 4.

How To Farm Abbarant Cinders in Diablo 4

Now that we're acquainted with these elusive cinders let's delve into how players can get their hands on them.

The catch is that Abbarant Cinder is an event-exclusive currency. This singular essence can only be earned during the enigmatic Helltide event.

The Helltide is a region-wide event, happening every few hours and lasting a single, tense hour. Visually, the map bathes in ominous red tones, signaling the beginning of the event. The objective during this time is to dispose of enemies who, once dispatched lethally, drop those lusted-after cinders. However, there's a sinister twist – falling during battle will lead to losing some of your precious cinder stash.

To further this high-stakes gameplay, only the bravest World Tier 3 endgame players can enter Helltide events. Upon reaching this level, a quest titled 'The Helltide Rises' becomes available, unlocking access to Helltide events in subsequent playthroughs.

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