Brand New Game From The Developers Behind Days Gone.

Days gone

Get to know about Bend Studio’s latest venture into the world of console gaming as they celebrate their thirtieth anniversary.

Days Gone is an open world action-adventure game similar to Hogwarts legacy, released in 2019 by Bend Studios. As we all know, it’s the player feedback that matters the most and Day Gone nailed it! The game scored positively on Metacritic, showing how the playerbase thoroughly enjoyed the game.

The metacritic score wasn’t the only thing high up in the charts around Days Gone, the game was a massive success financially. Days Gone sold over 8 million units on the PS4 upon its initial release and over a million more on Steam through its PC release in 2021. When Sony, the publisher behind the game, denied a sequel to the game, the players started a petition for it. With over 200,000 signatures backing up the request for a sequel, Bend Studio’s have answered the call! 

new game by days gone developer

The game will not be a sequel to Days Gone, but we do have hope that it’s another “Uncharted” spinoff. Even though the developers did state that they completely dropped the idea of another Uncharted game, one can always dream!

So, what do we know about the upcoming game that’s in development. Well, we do know that it’ll heavily encompass the positive attributes of Days Gone as its signature game. According to Herman Hulst and the developer team behind Bend Studios, there is a brand new IP being developed. And it will focus on the open world foundations set by Days Gone. In addition to the previous information, we also know that the game will have multiplayer in it!

If you are interested in knowing more about the new IP in development, make sure to tune into Sony’s upcoming event. There is a possibility of Bend Studios revealing their game to the public during the event. Or even better, just tune into our news feed! We are sure to report it to you