Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Upcoming Indigo Disk Expansion

The article details everything known so far about the forthcoming Indigo Disk Expansion for the game ‘The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero’. …

Unlocking Excitement: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Expansion Continues

Game lovers eagerly await the latest expansion for the popular game 'The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.' After the successful launch of the Teal Mask expansion in September, game developers are now set to release the second part of this expansion – the Indigo Disk. Following its announcement, the Indigo Disk has created a significant buzz among gamers, increased expectations, and musings about what it would bring. Furthermore, there is hope that the performance issues that marred the Teal Mask DLC will be resolved. Let's break down everything we have gathered about this upcoming expansion.

The Anticipated Launch of Indigo Disk: A Console Announcement

Mark your calendars! The Indigo Disk expansion will be available for gamers to explore starting December 14th. This announcement was released via the official Pokemon account on Twitter. Unlike the Teal Mask expansion, which introduced the mysterious land of Kitakami, Indigo Disk will transport gamers to an entirely different backdrop, the fictitious Blueberry Academy, based in the middle of the ocean. This intriguing setting is sure to amplify the thrill and gaming experience.

As an exchange student at Blueberry Academy, you'll soon discover that most of the school is submerged underwater. This isn't just for aesthetic appeal but adds an exciting layer to the gameplay. Besides going through the usual drills of a student's life, you are trained for epic battles, adding an edge to your gaming journey.

Throughout the expansion, you'll cross through four distinctive biomes, each housing monsters not seen in Generation IX.

The Indigo Disk expansion includes a bonus – access to starter Pokemon from all regions. Expect encounters with a new legendary Pokemon named Terapagos and a novel evolution of Duraladon, known as Archadulon. You'll also get a chance to interact with Raging Bolt and Iron Crown.

Gamer Concerns: Optimisation and Performance

However, not everything is rose-colored. A noticeable chunk of gamers who've been long-term patrons of previous Pokemon games have voiced their concerns about the game's deteriorating quality. Some recent titles have been heavily criticized for poor performance and optimization. Even Nintendo's apologetic statement about the glitches in the base game of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet didn't resolve the issue. Worries about similar technical problems in the Teal Mask DLC have left players apprehensive about the upcoming Indigo Disk release.

How to Get the Indigo Disk?

To access this exciting DLC, you must buy the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion pass priced at USD 34.99 or Euro 32.84. This pass can be obtained directly from the Nintendo e-shop and will include both the Teal Mask and the Indigo Disk DLC. Note there are separate versions of the expansion pass for Scarlet and Violet. Ensure you select the one that matches your base game.

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