Mastering the ‘Malady of the Soul’ Quest in Diablo VI: A Detailed Guide

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to complete the ‘Malady of the Soul’ quest in Diablo 4, from initiation to reward acquisition.

Understanding the 'Malady of the Soul' Quest in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, a game known for its complex quests, the 'Malady of the Soul' stands out. This quest, located in Act 1 within the thrilling Fractured Peaks, is part of a three-part chain quest sequence. Let's delve into the details of this intriguing quest and reveal how to decimate its challenge.

Beginning the Malady of the Soul Quest in Diablo 4

To trigger the start of the 'Malady of the Soul' quest, you'll need to interact with Sister Octavia, who can be found in company with Petr near a house located directly southeast of Kyovashad's Waypoint. Petr's son, Vata, is in dire need of an exorcism due to a demon possession, thus initiating your mission.

Unlike conventional Church practices, Sister Octavia fervently advocates for exorcism instead of consuming victims in fire. Together with your character and Sister Octavia, you'll join forces to save Petr's son from the chill-inducing demon that possesses him.

Successfully Conducting Vatas Exorcism Procedure

Your activities will start with following Sister Octavia and Petr to the Frigid Cellar. To move forward in the quest, engage in conversation with Sister Octavia re

siding within.

After a conversation, Sister Octavia asks you to place her holy chalice near the boy to initiate the exorcism. Post placement, engage in conversation with Sister Octavia to begin the exorcism procedure. However, beware of the onslaughts from Carver's demons as the demon within Vata retaliates upon the commencement of the rite.

Once you've dealt with the Carver demons, the demon possessing Vata, Xulgoth, enters the battle. Beware! Despite being easily vanquishable, Xul'goth is cold-enhanced, packs a powerful punch, and can summon Carver's demons. Your goal here is to focus on defeating Xul'goth; any summoned Carver demons will perish simultaneously.

Post Xul'goth's defeat, Vata will regain consciousness, and relief shall ensue, however short-lived. The quest is completed upon your final interaction with Sister Octavia outside the cellar. Rewards for the successful completion include 20 Fractured Peaks Renown, an item cache, and a generous sum of money.

Strangely enough, Sister Octavia does hint towards seeking your assistance in the future, hinting at potential subsequent thrilling adventures in Kyovashad. And that's your route to conquer the challenging Malady of the Soul Quest in Diablo 4.