Kai Cenat Displeased By Twitch’s Underwhelming Gift As Kick Tops It with Ease


Twitch.Tv recently gifted their top streamers complimentary packages for their performance, and things didn’t play out as expected. Streamers have openly shown their displeasure at Twitch’s choice of gifts, including Kai Cenat.

Kai Cenat recently became the most subscribed streamer on the platform. With over 300,000 subscribers under his name, Kai Cenat has not surpassed some of the biggest streaming giants out there, including Ninja and Ludwig. Kai Cenat was almost crowned as the “Biggest Streamer In The World ” at the QTCindrella Streamer Awards ceremony.

After his rise to the top, Twitch decided to give their biggest streamers a token of appreciation. But this gift didn’t go down well amongst the streamers as they were all expecting something massive to come out of the box. As Kai Cenat flipped the lid open, he was greeted by a shoebox!

Kai Cenat was visibly displ

eased with the gift, and his fans took it even further on Twitter, roasting the company. Kick took this as an opportunity to showcase an open hand by gifting Kai Cenat a pair of Nike x Off White Air Force 1s as a gift. Kai was amazed and thoroughly touched by the gesture from Kick.

Kai Cenat joked that this might be Kick’s official announcement for a partnership on his April 14th broadcast. However, with big-time streamers such as Adin Ross already making a move, there is a possibility that Kai will do the same. 

One must take into account that this is not an isolated incident. Twitch has been accused countless times of taking their streamers for granted and not recognizing their efforts. Even Ludwig, another popular Twitch streamer, expressed how he often feels let down by Twitch and its actions. With Kick out for blood, Twitch needs to up their game, or they might lose their top position quickly!