Top War Games Similar to Enlisted to Play in 2023: A Comprehensive Gamer’s Guide

Delve into a curated list of the best war games in 2023 that offer experiences similar to Enlisted, featuring World of Tanks, Hell Let Loose, War Thunder, Crossout, and Post Scriptum. …

Delving into Warfare: Enlisted and Its Contemporaries

Released in 2021, Enlisted boasts a unique gameplay experience as a team-based war game that grants players the privilege of controlling multiple soldiers within a unit. The thrilling opportunity to switch between soldiers in the heat of battle creates a dynamic hands-on experience. However, a change of scenery is always welcomed, and thus, we present a carefully curated list of games akin to Enlisted to widen your gaming horizon in 2023. These handpicked games retain the combat spirit of Enlisted while infusing their unique charm, offering a rich gaming experience for a universal audience.

World of Tanks: Commanding the Steel Beasts

Starting our list is the acclaimed World of Tanks, a fan-favorite that grants you the command of historically accurate tanks that you can customize your tactical preference. The intense struggle of armored beasts, each designed to counteract the other's strengths, sets a challenging battlefield for the tactical mind. With its stimulating combats, World of Tanks merits Enlisted fans' attention.

Hell Let Loose: Witnessing the Havoc of World War II


Offering intense 50v50 player matches, Hell Let Loose sets the stage as World War II epicenters. Allowing the selection of major WWII forces like the Americans, Germans, or the Soviets, the game aims to capture the ferocity of war. In addition to the classic Team Deathmatch, it also comes with a point-capture mode that provides heightened excitement. With its rich content, Hell Let Loose makes for an immersive gaming experience.

War Thunder: Soaring in the Skies of Battle or Unleashing Naval Onslaughts


Described often as a fusion of World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes, War Thunder offers a comprehensive approach to its gaming experience. Players can choose their preferred air, sea, or land combats, each equipped with a diverse array of war machines, making it an enjoyable alternative to Enlisted.

Crossout: Crafting Apocalypse

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Adding to the list with an intriguing premise, Crossout throws you into a dystopian world, tasking you with building war machines from scavenged materials. The fast-paced battles against other players decorated with engineered monstrosities provide a unique experience, diverging from the usual war games.

Post Scriptum: Revisiting World War II

Last on our list but certainly not least, Post Scriptum takes you back to reenact the significant battles of World War II. It particularly underscores teamwork, featuring large-scale actions involving up to 80 players. Despite its 2018 release, Post Scriptum continues to captivate war game enthusiasts.

Be it classic warfare or apocalyptic battles; these games offer a refreshing experience while keeping the core combat essence of Enlisted. Remember to explore, experiment, and enjoy all that these games provide.

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