Full Skull and Bones Game Map with all Locations

Get to grip with the vast Skull and Bones game map. …

Overview of Skull and Bones Map: All You Need to Know

If you have been captivated by Skull and Bones game, a seamanship adventure set on the fictitious Indian Ocean, you already understand the importance of navigating its vast map. Ranging from the African coasts to the East Indies islands, the massive open world of Skull and Bones offers plenty of seascapes and lands for the players to explore and claim. Thus, the value of understanding the in-game map is indisputable. This guide will explore various components of the Skull and Bones map, aiding your gaming adventure.

The Broad Picture: Coast of Africa to Southeast Asia

The entire Skull and Bones map begins from the edge of the African coast in the southwest and stretches out to Southeast Asia's archipelagos. Although not a realistic image of the Indian Ocean, the map skillfully employs a historical colonial setting to breathe life into the region's ports, ships, and trade routes.

Western Africa: Outposts, Acacia, and Explorations

The western Africa section of the Skull and Bones map is abundant, with river paths guiding to inland regions like Ziwa Kubwa and Sultani Island.

Noteworthy outposts include the Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove and the Sunken Goldmine. Additionally, it is a primary region to find and harvest Acacia, an essential component for crafting specific items within the game.

Southcentral Map: Into the Red Isle and Pirate Paradise

You'll discover the Red Isle region when you venture into the south-central part of the map. This area serves as the starting point in the game and introduces the pirate utopia of Sainte-Anne. In and around the Red Isle, players will encounter numerous quests, contracts, and maps, including the Skull and Bones Red Isle treasure map for Caradec's Bounty and the Relics of the Past contract to locate the Sea People Relic.

Adventure to The Northeast: The East Indies

Cross the vast open ocean to the northeast, and you'll find the East Indies, a sprawling collection of islands. This area poses more risk and thus caters to higher-level players who have procured a reliable ship and significantly upgraded it. One fruitful result of this difficult journey is the opportunity to acquire the Skull and Bones Padewakang ship. It is a medium-sized ship ideal for challenging forts and fleets when you reach Telok Penjara, the region's pirate haven.

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