Enhance Your Roleplay Experience with Latest Baldurs Gate 3 Patch #3: The Magic Mirror Guide

Patch #3 for Baldurs Gate 3 offers a game-changing feature, the Magic Mirror, that allows for free character customization. …

Unlocking the Power of Customization with Baldurs Gate 3 Patch #3

Fans of Baldurs Gate 3 can finally rejoice as the ability to modify character appearances mid-game has been introduced in the latest update. This exciting feature comes with Patch #3, which not only brings several modifications and fixes but also an impressive new inclusion – The Magic Mirror that helps change your looks.

This is an exhaustive guide on changing character appearance in Baldurs Gate 3 using the latest Patch #3. Here, we delve into the processes of change, breaking down each step to ensure you find the ultimate look for your Tav.

Utilizing the Magic Mirror: Changing Appearance Mid-Game

Modifying character looks in-game has never been easier with the introduction of the Magic Mirror. All you need to do is approach the mirror in the game and interact with it. Gone are the days of being stuck with a subpar hairstyle, which was mistakenly chosen during character creation. The future of your Tav is finally in your hands, thanks to the Magic Mirror.

Locating the Magic Mirror: Guide to Customizing Your Tav

  • The Magic Mirror can be found in the camp.
  • No matter where you are in the game or which camp location you reach when you press the Go to Camp or Long Rest buttons, there's a Magic Mirror available for use.
  • The highlight of this feature is not just the ability to modify your character but also the fact that using the Magic Mirror is free.
  • Unfortunately, the update doesn't allow you to modify the appearance of your companions or Hirelings.

Despite the restriction of changing the looks of Astarion or Karlach or redefining the Hireling's basic appearance, adding the Magic Mirror to Baldurs Gate 3 still significantly enhances the overall user experience. The release of Patch #3 may have taken a while, but its bug fixes and the addition of the Magic Mirror have unquestionably made it worth the wait.

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