Fortnite Legend Ninja Is Now Live On Kick

Ninja joins kick

A bold move by Ninja as he appears live on Kick after shifting over from Twitch!

Kick is the newest streaming sensation out there and it seems that Ninja has taken interest in it. The streamer famous for his Twitch streams with hundreds of thousands of live viewers has now moved onto Kick. This is not the first nor will it be the last as many big names have already shown interest in switching over.

Streamers have long been showing their displeasure at Twitch. You could say that the Amazon-owned streaming company has their creators for granted! Their strict and unreasonable guidelines, along with their proposed changes to Ad policies left streamers hightailing for an alternative. It seems that Kick appeared just at the right time!

Ninja was streaming as usual on the 9th of June through Twitch when he went offline. An hour later posted a tweet on his page stating, “Live on Kick and Youtube today”. This was his first official stream on the platform and it followed through smoothly. Ninja checked out the new season of Fortnite on stream before calling it a day and logging out.

It seems that Kick greatly appreciated the stream as they tweeted “Big Moves” as a response for Ninja’s announcement on Twitter. There was a hearty amount of approval for the stream as a lot of streamers are onboard with the switch. We aren’ sure when Ninja will stream on Kick again, but his presence is sure to boost the popularity of the platform. Since its start in 2023, Kick has only been going higher in viewership and popularity leaving us wondering whether Twitch will finally meet its match.