XQC Just Keeps Getting Swatted Over And Over Again!

Xqc swatted

The police dropped by XQC’s house earlier this week for the third time in the last few weeks. The popular streamer is visibly frustrated over the complications he has had to face over the past few weeks.

It has been a rough few weeks for Felix Lengyel, also known as XQC. The popular Twitch streamer has been bombarded by the police over the last couple of weeks. XQC is not new to the world of swatting as he moved back to his home country, Canada, because of it. 

What is swatting you ask? Swatting is a criminal harassment tactic where law enforcement officers are deceived into raiding a target’s house. This is considered a criminal offense but it happens quite frequently in the world of streaming. The internet sure is a cold and scary place! Before XQC moved back to Canada, he was a frequent victim of swatting to the point where the police refused to come to his house.

Even after moving back, the streaming hasn’t gotten a break from it. Red and blue lights flashed outside XQC’s house mid-stream as the police arrived at his doorstep. Not much is known about the incident as XQC cuts off the stream after thanking the police officers for doing their duty. He did manage to drop a sarcastic remark on how he cannot live peacefully in his own house.

Just after this incident, the police dropped by again which left XQC visibly frustrated. He stated that he does not care anymore about what’s going to happen. Irritated about being targeted without doing anything wrong, it’s unsure what XQC might do to prevent further intrusions.

The cause for these harassments are unknown, but there are speculations that the people behind are taking revenge on XQC. What’s behind the revenge? There has been drama between XQC and Adept, who was allegedly married to him. However, XQC has denied the existence of a marriage which was later proved to be true by the Texas courts. With divorce files being released about the marriage by Adept, there is a chance that all these swattings are her fans taking revenge on XQC.