You Might Lose Your Ubisoft Account Through Inactivity

Ubisoft shutting down accounts

There is a chance of you losing your entire account along with your entire library of games

I bet we all had a Ubisoft account at some point in our life to explore the world of Assassin’s Creed and forgot all about it through the years that passed. We never really thought much about it as we all thought that our accounts are safely stored away in Ubisoft servers. However, every account holder’s nightmare has now come true, at least for those who own a Ubisoft account. They are now deleting accounts that are showing signs of inactivity. 

We learned about this through a Twitter post put out by PC_Enjoyer. If you’re wondering who PC_Enjoyer is, he is a Twitter user that focuses on anti-DRM and piracy. He woke up to a mail sent by the Ubisoft support team that states that the account in his possession is disabled and will be permanently deleted in 30 days.

When the tweet first came out, many thought of it as a phishing scam that has been set out to grab the account details of unsuspecting owners. However, after the post came out, the support team from Ubisoft commented on the post and stated that it was completely true. Ubisoft accounts with extended amounts of inactivity will be deleted after a brief period of suspension.

If you are wondering about the legality of the entire thing, then we are sad to inform you that Ubisoft has complete authority on the matter. They can delete accounts if they feel as if there are an overwhelming number of inactive accounts in their database, and it’s preventing them from providing their service at the expected level.

However, we do feel that this is an act that completely negates the trust that the customer places in the company. There are gaming platforms that have been online for more than Ubosft, that have more users than them but still manage to keep their users within the database. From what we see this is just poor database management and nothing else.

As of now, we don’t know how long an account has to stay inactive for it to be deemed a dormant account. We’ll make sure to update our readers on that as soon as we get the information regarding it.