Wartales: The Newest RPG On The Market Is Flourishing

Over 600,000 copies of Wartales have been sold since its release. The mercenary rpg is doing wonderfully well, to the delight of Shiro Games.

You might be familiar with Shiro Games if you are a fan of their previous title Northgard. The Viking-themed RPG game was another hit game by Shiro Games. The turn-based RPG game is set in a grim fantasy world filled with bandits, plague, and wolves. The gritty game is tough and hard to beat, but it hasn’t deterred players from buying it!

The game starts off tough, with the player barely making ends meet, struggling to keep his employees afloat. You really need to micromanage well to break through this drought in the early game. However, the hardcore aspect might just be the attraction behind Wartales!

It’s very popular on Steam, with over 13000 positive reviews on the game.

Players are in awe of its character-driven storytelling. The user rating is at 91%, putting it at the top of the Steam Boards for player satisfaction. In addition to its 600,000 sales, the game has also been wish-listed over a million times. It seems like Shiro Games is onto something big here if they continue to do things right!

Wartales finished its early access program on the 12th of April. It’s now available on multiple platforms, including GoG and Steam, so make sure to grab your copy and find out what the hype is about! Recruit your own gang of mercenaries, train animals, and profit off the darkness that envelopes the lands in Wartales today!