Unlocking the Bombardier Padewakang Ship: Unravelling the Secrets of Skull and Bones

This article discusses how players can unlock the Level 5 Bombardier Padewakang ship in the Skull and Bones game. …

Introduction to Skull and Bones Bombardier Padewakang Ship

Among the fleet of seafaring vessels available in the Skull and Bones game, the level 5 Bombardier Padewakang ship is notably valuable. This ship is particularly advantageous for tackling more advanced missions and quests. However, unlocking this impressive ship demands some dedication and effort. The acquisition of the Bombardier Padewakang ship blueprint, found in Telok Penjarah, a famous town in the East Indies, is critical to this process.

Location and Procurement of the Bombardier Padewakang Ship Blueprint

Telok Penjarah, your second command base after Saint-Anne in Skull and Bones, is the place to go if you're hunting for the ship blueprint. There are essentially two approaches to getting the blueprint, albeit with differing levels of ease and expense.

  • One straightforward method is to purchase it from the East Indies shipwright at Telok Penjarah. This area can be reached by following the Black Market quests or sailing when you need this level 5 ship.
  • Alternatively, the game suggests that the blueprint can also be earned as a reward by completing different contracts in the East Indies. However, it's worth noting that I haven't seen this reward listed on any contracts thus far. Additionally, most contracts in the area are level 5 or above, ideally requiring the Bombardier Padewakang ship to complete.

Procuring materials for Crafting the Bombardier Padewakang Ship

Once you secure the Bombardier Padewakang ship blueprint, you'll need specific materials to construct your vessel. These resources include Ironwood Planks, Steel Ingots, Shellac, Crude Saltpeter, and a substantial 2880 silver.

  • Ironwood and steel, marked on the map, can be converted into planks/ingots at the refiner in Telok Penjarah or Saint-Anne.
  • Obtaining Shellac and Crude Saltpeter is slightly more challenging. You can find Shellac by ransacking bases in the East Indies, and Crude Saltpeter can be received by sinking ships along specific trade routes in the East Indies.

All these resources can be tracked in the Codex under the Knowledge > Codex menu. This tool precisely indicates where to locate specific resources and their corresponding trade routes. Shellac and Crude Saltpeter fall under Specialized Materials, while the Steel Ingots and Ironwood Planks are grouped as Refined Materials.

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