Unlocking Exclusive Rewards in Modern Warfare 3: A Player’s Guide

Guidance for unlock procedure of exclusive in-game awards in ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’. …

Exploring Campaign Rewards in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Long-anticipated 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3', the direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2, continues the compelling TF141 saga, introducing us to iconic Call of Duty villain Makarov. Pre-ordering gamers received early access to the campaign, accessible over all platforms and regions.

Since the release of the first 'CoD 4: Modern Warfare', the spotlight has persistently lingered on the multiplayer mode, while a sizable base of avid gamers are deeply involved in the campaign. And now Modern Warfare 3 rewards these campaign players with unique in-game awards!

How to Unlock All Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Rewards

Every in-game mission you complete successfully in Modern Warfare 3's campaign comes with a token of gratitude in the form of unique and exclusive rewards. These rewards vary from operator blueprints and calling cards to double XP tokens. However, the only way to unlock these goodies is by completing the prerequisite missions.

Understanding the Rewards and the Ways to Unlock Them

Here is a breakdown of all the fantastic rewards that await you and how you can unlock them:

  • Exclusive Reward: 'Breather' Calling Card. Unlock by completing: Operation 627
  • Double Player XP Token (30 mins) & Double Weapon XP Token (30 mins): Unlock by completing Precious Cargo
  • Operator: 'Corso. Unlock by completing: Reactor
  • Exclusive Reward: 'Ghillie Guy' Calling Card. Unlock by completing the payload
  • XP Token (30 mins) & Weapon XP Token (30 mins): Unlock by completing: Deep Cover
  • Operator: 'Pathfinder'. Unlock by completing Crash Site
  • Exclusive Reward: 'Toxic Drip' Calling Card. Unlock by completing Flashpoint
  • Double Player XP Token & Double Weapon XP Token for 1 hour: Unlock by completing: Oligarch
  • Operator: 'Doc'. Unlock by completing: Highrise
  • Exclusive Reward: 'Skull Rhapsody' Calling Card. Unlock by completing Frozen Tundra
  • Double Player XP Token & Double Weapon XP Token for 1 hour: Unlock by completing Gora Dam
  • Operator: 'Jabber'. Unlock by completing Danger Close
  • Emblem & Weapon Blueprint for Campaign Completion: Unlock by completing Trojan Horse

Settle into the combat missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to get a sneak peek into the next installment of the TF141 saga and win exclusive rewards.

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