Pokemon Go Community Day 2024: Catch’em All!

Get ready for Pokemon Go Community Day 2024 to catch a featured Pokemon for three hours and learn about the special Community Day moves. …

Pokemon Go Community Day 2024: Embrace the Excitement

You are calling all Pokemon Go enthusiasts! Get your Pokemon Go Community Day plans sorted early with our ultimate guide. This event is one of the highlights of every month. It's that special day when you can catch a specific Pokemon, almost limitlessly, for a solid three hours. The thrill of the chase and exclusivity make it a not-to-miss event for anyone who fancies collecting these virtual creatures. The dates for the forthcoming 2024 Community Day events have been released, making it easier than ever to mark your calendars.

Get Ready for the Next Community Day

After an exciting series of Community Day events, it's time to gear up for the next. The Pokemon Go Community Day gives players a golden opportunity to fill up their Pokedex and add shiny versions of some cool Pokemon. Are you wondering when you can join the next Community Day adventure? The enticing day is slated for Saturday, March 16, 2024, from 2 pm to 5 pm, local time. As per the tradition, the focus will be on a yet-to-be-revealed Pokemon, available in abundance for players to catch within the designated time window.

Exclusive Moves and Community Day Classics

Not only does the Community Day offer an ample amount of a particular Pokemon, but it also allows the Pokemon to perform a unique Community Day move. This signature move is an event exclusive and provides an extra edge to the Pokemon battles. Another intriguing aspect of these Community Days is the Classic events. In these, pre-selected Pokemon reappear and bring their exclusive Community Day moves, adding excitement!

Pokemon Go Community Day 2024: Upcoming Dates

The years roll by, but the Community Day excitement stays alive! To keep you on top of your planning game, here are all the future Community Day dates of 2024 that we know so far:

All the Pokemon Go Community Day events will run between 2 pm and 5 pm local time. Stay tuned to our Guide Hub for all updates about Pokemon Go and the upcoming events.

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