Mastering Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Acquire Astegon

Discover the secrets of the newly launched game Palworld with a particular focus on how to locate, battle, and ultimately capture the desirable Astegon – a powerful dragon pal talented in mining and serving as an excellent flying mount. …

The gaming industry is buzzing about the newly released Palworld, a game that presents a rich and interactive virtual world loaded with unique features and countless activities. Its recent release has been nothing short of sensational. In just five days, the game's sales exceeded seven million units. The strength of Palworld lies in its fantastic variety of abilities that include defeating and utilizing 'Pals.' Furthermore, these Pals offer unique skills to aid in base tasks and also could serve as efficient mounts. The Pal named Astegon happens to be one of these skilled pals. So, let's delve deeper into how you can find, capture, and utilize Astegon in Palworld.

Introducing Astegon: A Powerful Pal in Palworld

Astegon, a dark dragon Pal with level 4 mining skills, is one of the many Pals that players across the globe are eager to possess. Known not only for its mining attributes, Astegon doubles as a practical flying mount, offering significant benefits. Defeating this magnificent creature yields rare crafting materials that are helpful to players.

Locating Astegon on the Palworld Map

Astegon is not an easy find. It lives in two specific locations in the game's vast map. The first location happens to be on the southwest part of the map, specifically near Obsidian Mountain.

Following the path to the bottom of the Destroyed Mineshaft, players can discover Astegon in all its glory.

The second location to look for Astegon is in the northeastern part of the map, within the Deep Sand Dunes. A flying Pal as a mount would be handy in this journey, providing much-needed speed and convenience. A small nearby island is a good vantage point to spot this elusive dark dragon.

The Art of Capturing Astegon in Palworld

Now that you know where to find Astegon, the next challenge is capturing it. Astegon, a formidable opponent with a vast health bar, requires potent and sustained attacks. Guerilla tactics such as continuous damage from your best ice-type power Pals and evasive maneuvers to dodge beam attacks from Astegon are essential.

A suit of heat-resistant armor would be valuable protection against Astegon's attacks. When Astegon's health is drained to a low point, use a Hypal Pal sphere to capture it. However, one must be prepared for failure as Astegon can break free from these spheres. Therefore, multiple Hypal Pal spheres might be required to capture Astegon successfully.

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