How to Address the ‘Can’t Claim Reward’ Error in Warcraft Rumble: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide details the ‘Can’t Claim Reward’ error encountered in Warcraft Rumble. …

In the captivating world of Warcraft Rumble, where you're constantly battling formidable enemies like Hogger in Elwynn Forest or the Dreadnaught in Westfall, one of the most grueling experiences is dealing with the notorious 'Can't Claim Reward' error. It can prevent you from revealing your victories by barring you from claiming your hard-earned rewards. This comprehensive guide aims to delve into this error and propose potential solutions.

Deciphering the 'Can't Claim Reward' Error in Warcraft Rumble

Every new game release has unique quirks, and Blizzard's most recent mobile strategy title, Warcraft Rumble, is no exception. As more gamers explore the realms of this game, several bug-related issues start to surface. One bug prominently reported in forums is an error message blocking players from claiming their dungeon completion rewards.

A popup message surfaces when confronted with this issue, stating, 'Dungeon reward claim failed. Something went wrong when claiming the dungeon reward.' Some gamers have reported that the problem goes beyond dungeons; it prevents you from claiming pending rewards and interrupts gameplay.

Possible Solutions for the 'Can't Claim Reward' Error

While there is no official fix from Blizzard yet, there are a few remedies you can experiment with to get your game back on track. Here are a few approaches you can attempt:

  • Log Out and Log Back Into Warcraft Rumble: Sometimes, the simplest solution is to log out of the game and log back in. This least invasive method can occasionally get your game back in action. Navigate to the Profile tab under your character portrait at the top-left of the screen to log out.
  • Restart the App: If the game still refuses to cooperate, close and restart the application. Ensure you close it, not just navigate back to your home screen, as this doesn't equate to a total reset. You might also consider double-checking your app settings and turning off background app refresh before restarting the game.
  • Update Warcraft Rumble: If you're running an outdated version of the game, it could cause this error. Ensure that you have the latest updated version of Warcraft Rumble. If not, update the game to the most recent iteration.
  • Reinstall the Game: If the error message persists despite these methods, you may have to resort to uninstalling and reinstalling the game. This radical approach can solve the error by giving your device a fresh start.
  • In-Game Experimentation: As bugs often bring the gaming community together, some players have shared some in-game fixes on Blizzards US Warcraft Rumble forums. Some have reported that for dungeon rewards specifically, you can fix the error by reverting to the original leaders or minis involved in that dungeon.
  • Submit a Ticket: You should also consider submitting a ticket via Warcraft Rumble's official support page. This is the best way to notify the developer about the error and possibly expedite the fix.

Please note that these aren't assured solutions, and the game might still exhibit the bug after these measures. It might require the developer to release a new patch to resolve. However, knowing potential fixes helps in determining the error quicker. Keep exploring the game, find your solutions, and share them with the player community for mutual benefit.