Diablo IV Guide: How To Get A Mount

In this guide, we break down the steps to get a mount in Diablo 4. …

Unlocking Mounts in Diablo 4: A Comprehensive Guide

If you find moving around the expansive universe of Diablo 4 a tiring experience, getting a nifty mount to help you travel faster might be your aim. The Diablo series is known far and wide for its sprawling maps with various towns; hence, commuting becomes a significant part of gameplay.

Although particular Waypoints can teleport you between towns, getting there in the first place is a sizeable task. The walking requirement in Diablo 4 is extensive. Therefore, the necessity of a mount becomes imminent.

The Quest for Diablo 4 Mount: Donan Favor

The pathway to securing your mount is not as straightforward as it might sound. The critical mission you need to conquer is titled 'Donan Favor.' You encounter Donan early in the game, during Act 2, which gives a hopeful prospect of securing a mount shortly. Unfortunately, that's not the case. You only unlock the support at the outset of Act 4.

After wrapping up Act 3, a character named Lorath hands you a task to pass on a letter to Donan.

Your destination, Kyovashad, lies in the Cathedral of Light, at the city's northernmost point. Donan, acknowledging the considerable amount of walking you've done, would deem it unacceptable. You are given another assignment to meet the stable master near the city's entrance. The completion of this quest provides you with the opportunity to acquire a mount costing 20,000 gold.

The Perks of Pre-order: Free Mount!

If you've pre-ordered Diablo 4, you're entitled to a free mount. Additionally, beating Ashava during the Server Slam event and equipping your Cry of Ashava trophy in the Trophies tab could provide further rewards.

This encapsulates the essential guide to getting a mount in Diablo 4. For a deeper dive into Diablo 4 gameplay, including comprehensive guides on various quests, recommendations on the best builds, and endgame strategies, stay tuned to our Diablo 4 guide series.

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