Battling Giant Sea Creatures for Monstrous Tooth Currency in Skull and Bones

The article provides an in-depth guide on procuring a unique currency in Skull and Bones, the Monstrous Tooth. …

Introduction to Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth

Various forms of currencies are used in the widely celebrated game Skull and Bones. One specific currency that stands out among the rest is the Monstrous Tooth. This prized item is often traded on the high seas and is highly favored by the Sea People, who are known for their tradition of hunting the creatures residing in these waters. However, you'll have to go beyond your standard shark and crocodile encounters in Skull and Bones after these big teeth.

Finding Value: The Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones

The Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones is not merely another form of currency; it has a specific use for the Sea People. Purchasing distinct items from vendors, such as the renowned Sea People Huntmaster at Lanitra, is crucial. Also, it's considered valuable crafting material for specific blueprints, making it essential for players to possess a surplus. But be cautious; procuring this item is described to be challenging.

The Monstrous Quest: How to Obtain Monstrous Tooth

These giant sea creatures must be slayed and looted to lay your hands on Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones. The quest starts with a visit to the Sea People Huntmaster at Lanitra for the 'From the Deep' contract.

If it's currently unavailable, some pirating in different regions should help, then returning to Lanitra for a second try might do the trick.

Once the contract is secured, a marker is set on the map, specifically to the north of Red Isle. This is where you will be facing your first colossal sea creature. Before proceeding with this quest, note that at least Level 6 gameplay is advocated; the sea beasts in this game are no joke! To ensure survival, a significant upgrade of your ship is suggested with a well-armed vessel stocked with repair kits and ammo to boot.

Navigating the High Seas

Once you arrive in the marked area, look for a commotion. This is where the sea monster Kuharibu will be unveiled. Once you've lured and tagged it with your spyglass, proceed with a 'call for help.'

Be well-prepared; if Kuharibu strikes your ship directly, it can result in severe damage. Aim to keep moving while dealing as many blows as possible from your side. If you successfully slay the beast, the much-desired Monstrous Flesh and the Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth currency is yours.

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